myRPG v1.2.0.9 Beta (MC 1.6.2)


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    Jul 20, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2


Version v1.2 Beta

Ready to use latest Dev Craftbukkit Build!

This plugin is developed with the Craftbukkit Build 1.6.2-R0.1 !


v1.2.0.9 (alpha to beta)

  • bugfix (economy, commands, data saves, some more)


  • Emeraldblocks supported (economy)
  • a book with information about the player /myrpg info
  • possible to rename npcs
  • added vitality (passive) skill
  • possible to disable permlevel and itemlevel
  • books for quests and commands
  • owners for npcs


  • fixed command bugs
  • changed commands (/npc gear /npc addsell <amount> <id> The item will be the item in your hand!)
  • custom items (/myrpg item <name> [level]
  • chat format (see config)
  • new permissions!!!!


  • added "bring items to another npc" quest
  • guard/npc commands/fileupdater bugfix
  • whitespaces in npc-names enabled
  • created /myrpg userview command
  • npcs can talk ( /npc text add <text>)


  • added a auto-updater for messages and config file
  • changed config.yml - new item "level-exp-rule"
  • trader and quest bugfix
  • added chain-quest and reach-level quest


  • added multiworld support
  • use a npc-name several times
  • smith & upgrade-able weapons bugfix


  • added regeneration and blink (teleport) skill
  • improved skills
  • fixed explosion skill


  • added upgrade-able tools and weapons with level
  • added a new npc class "smith"
  • different types of smiths can improve your weapons and tools
  • fixed some vault bugs


  • already online at !
  • improved some skills
  • changed "/npc attack" options (see commands)
  • "NPC-RAM" consumption reduced
  • removed spam messages
  • added inventory trade (see defaultConfig.yml for new config keys! )
  • added a defaultConfig.yml


  • fixed class choose command
  • added skills:
    • firearrow
    • poisonarrow
    • snowball
    • iceflash
    • explosion (improved)
  • fixed some skill damage bugs
  • removed spaming messages


  • added Vault for economy and some permissions
  • set the level of an player
  • player can choose a class
  • classes are creatable inGAME
  • a selection of great skills
  • bind skills to blocks
  • added "kill animals/monsters quests"
  • most quest and npc bugs are fixed
  • messages are moved all in one file
  • npc looks at his walking target
  • guard can use a bow to kill mobs and players
  • new commands

No known bugs or errors!

You can use the bug and error report of!