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    May 24, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1


Version v1.2 BETA

Ready to use latest Beta Craftbukkit Build!

This plugin is developed with the Craftbukkit Build 1.5.2-R0.1 !

ATTENTION If you use v1.2.0.5 with old npc files you should edit them!!

You have to replace the npc-id key with npc-name. And you write the number which was at npc-id to the name field and write the name to the new npc-name key.



  • added multiworld support
  • use a npc-name several times
  • smith & upgrade-able weapons bugfix


  • added regeneration and blink (teleport) skill
  • improved skills
  • fixed explosion skill


  • added upgrade-able tools and weapons with level
  • added a new npc class "smith"
  • different types of smiths can improve your weapons and tools
  • fixed some vault bugs


  • already online at !
  • improved some skills
  • changed "/npc attack" options (see commands)
  • "NPC-RAM" consumption reduced
  • removed spam messages
  • added inventory trade (see defaultConfig.yml for new config keys! )
  • added a defaultConfig.yml


  • fixed class choose command
  • added skills:
    • firearrow
    • poisonarrow
    • snowball
    • iceflash
    • explosion (improved)
  • fixed some skill damage bugs
  • removed spaming messages


  • added Vault for economy and some permissions
  • set the level of an player
  • player can choose a class
  • classes are creatable inGAME
  • a selection of great skills
  • bind skills to blocks
  • added "kill animals/monsters quests"
  • most quest and npc bugs are fixed
  • messages are moved all in one file
  • npc looks at his walking target
  • guard can use a bow to kill mobs and players
  • new commands


  • added Vault for the Level-Group-System
  • you can download Vault here
    • quests are working again



  • added the guard
  • A Guard can attack mobs / players
  • Teleporters can demand now money for teleportings
  • new config !!!!
  • players can earn money by destroying blocks / mobs


  • max amount of npcs is removed


  • Bugfix
  • skip List edited

New Config !! Please see Tutorial to set your config.yml


  • All the stuff is now in one jar File myRPG
  • Bugfixes:
  1. Monsters exp is fixed
  2. quest add problem fixed


  • Fixed the command bug


  • added the trader class for npcs (check out Commands)
  • added economy system myEconomy
  • immense BUGFIX:
  • You get help when you type a command wrong
  • Messages if you set wrong arguments
  • reloads Permission Plugin after adding a player to a group
  • Groupchanger is now ready to use GroupManager (essentials) PermissionsEx and PermissionsBukkit
  • and a lot more stuff

All files have a new design checkout the Tutorial to take your old files in the new Version.

Permissions Updated - - - > See Permissions

A list of more Bugfixes is in work !

No known caveats!

You can use the bug and error report of!