myRPG v0.8.5 BETA


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    Oct 18, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R2.0


Version v0.8.5
myRPG 0.8.5
myNPC 0.8.5
myQuest 0.8

You can save the npc Files by typing /myrpg save
This command will bring more functions later !

You can set a npc-interact-radius in the npc.yml !
and in Game via /mynpc setradius <radius> - radius have to be an positive integer (1,2,3,4...)
When a player comes <radius> Blocks near to this npc it will look/talk at/to him.

Fixed Bugs:
npcs do not appear two times when you save myrpg !
npc wont disappear after a reload

Could throw some "low" NullpointerExceptions ! ( They do not crash the server but may you have to reload the plugin)
I please you to send me these Exceptions then I'll fix them.