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What is RoboticStaff?

RoboticStaff is a powerful plugin that help server admins to reduce their work and to keep their servers out of spam with:

  • Helpme (A very simple FAQ of your server, accessible with /helpme, that you can set up in the config)
  • AutoAnswer (Simply, answer automatically to messages sent by users: You can create very accurate triggers with their own answer that can be messages or commands, see the Configuration page!)
  • AntiSwearing (You can make a simple list of banned words that will be replaced with a configurable set of characters)
  • BlockedCommands (as the name says, with this you can block commands both per-world and in the server)
  • AntiSpam (Say bye to spam and flood! You can set a delay that users must wait to send a message after another message, also there is the anti-ipspam (100% working, never failed), and the anti-websitespam (100% working on RoboticStaff 2.0!). With both anti-ipspam and anti-websitespam you can also set a command that will be executed when spam is checked!)
  • OnActions (Right now is "Alpha": Set one or more commands that will be executed when somethings happens! At the moment only with playerJoin and playerDeath, more events with RoboticStaff 2.0!)


  • Make a very simple FAQ, accessible with /helpme!
  • Auto answer at message which contain configurable tag with configurable answer!
  • Set a message on join!
  • Answer with configurable command!
  • AntiSwearing function!
  • Make multiple tag-checker in one line!
  • Auto answer with configurable alias!
  • The best tag-checker: use "," to separate tag to be found!
  • AutoAnswer is capable to replace your helpers, just configure it!
  • ALL the things configurable support colors!!
  • Block commands both everywhere and per world!
  • THE antispam, with the antispam-delay you can say "Bye" to flooders!
  • Run commands when something happens with OnActions!
  • Reload config without restart server!
  • All messages are configurable!
  • Things can be activated/deactivated! Use only what you want!
  • Filled with an efficient permission system, check the Permissions page!


  • Infinite ask and answer - Added in Beta v1.1
  • Auto answer at player who send messages - Added in Beta v1.2
  • Config rewriting when is up to date - Added in Beta v1.2
  • Config reloading - Added in Beta v1.2
  • Anti swearing - Added in Beta v1.3
  • Answer with command - Added in Beta v1.3
  • Anti spam - Added in Beta v1.9
  • Automatic planned message
  • Automatic planned command
  • Check for other plugins update
  • Add compatibility with plugin like Essentials, Vault, Factions, Lockette and more to do automatic action (More info in the near future!)
  • And more!

Update checking

Roboticstaff provides an update checker that you can disable by setting, in the config.yml file:

update-checker: 'false'

Having suggestion?

If you have a suggestion post it in the comment!


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