Road Protector

Road Protector

Simple and effective plugin designed to protect area from destruction. The main difference from other similar plugins is the lack of saving information about protected area in databases or in file; certain modularity, which allows combine protected areas in any forms, so you can easy protect even a winding road; maintaining the possibility of destroying blocks under the protected territory and building over it.

How to use it?

Just place the "protector" block (default - bedrock) and you will create a create a "force field" of certain size (radius, depth, height are configurable) around that block. When you place other block, you increasing protected are. For convenience provided special wand-mode in which you can easily bury the protector (under 1 block) by right clicking with the wand (default - clay) on the surface of area, that you need to protect. If necessary to build something in protected zone, you can use the edit mode provided by plugin, or switch to creative mode.

Small video tutorial

Additional videos


If you created a road and protect it using RoadProtector you can enable fast-sprinting at the roads. Command /rp speedway will toggle the speedway mode. First you must define road pavement blocks: it's a top block of your roads. For example if you using gravel and slabs to build roads you must define blocks 13,43,44 as a "speed blocks" (use command /rp speedblock 13,43,44). Than you need to define sprinting speed at your roads: /rp speed <speed>. Default speed value is set to 0 and it equal to effect of speed-potion level 1. Player with permission roadprotector.speedway now can sprint very fast on the road. Walking speed will not modified, player will walk with normal speed.

How to remove the protection

Since the plugin is designed for server administration, then you can use the creative-mode or any editor for example Voxels Sniper and remove the block tread. In addition, if you define as a "protector" any other block, for example a sponge, this block can be destroyed in the edit mode in the usual way.


  • roadprotector.edit — allow to use RP-wand and construct at protected area (player must switch to edit mode)
  • roadprotector.config — allows to use configuration commands
  • roadprotector.speedway — allows to fast-sprint at speedways
  • roadprotector.walk — allows to use walk-mode (auto protect areas while walking)


  • /rp help
  • /rp edit — enable / disable the edit mode.
  • /rp wand — enable / disable the "protector wand"
  • /rp walk — enable / disable the "walk mode"
  • /rp unpr [radius] — remove all protector-blocks around area defined by radius (if radius is skipped, will remove all protector affected to player location)
  • /rp crmode — enable/disable of using creative mode as edit mode
  • /rp reload — reload configuration from the config.yml
  • /rp cfg — display current configuration

Configuration commands

  • /rp w [radius] — set the "radius", which determines the horizontal dimensions of the protective zone.
  • /rp h [height] — height of the protected area
  • /rp d [depth] — the depth of the protected area
  • /rp swlist — set the "switch" blocks to protect (doors, buttons, levers, chests, etc...). Default list: 54,61,62,64,69,77,96,84,107,23. If list is empty only build/break protection will be active.
  • /rp explace — set this list of block allowed to place (default: 60,59)
  • /rp exbreak — set this list of block allowed to break (default: 59,31)
  • /rp prtmsg <message text> — set warning message when building and breaking blocks. If empty, will use default message.
  • /rp swmsg <message text> — set warning message when try to click blocks from /rp swlist. If empty, message will not displayed.
  • /rp prblock [block id] — set the protector-block (default is 7 - bedrock)
  • /rp unprblock [block id] — set the unprotector-block (default is 3 - dirt)
  • /rp setwand — change the "protector wand" (default is 337 - clay)
  • /rp walkroad — toggle walkroad mode. If enabled walk mode will be activated only at roads (speedways)
  • /rp effect — toggle effects/message. If effects on, you will see effect above the installed protector block instead of message in chat
  • /rp efftype — set effect type: 0 - smoke, 1 - flames, 2 - ender signal, 3 - sound effect (click)
  • /rp explosion — toggle explosion protection mode
  • /rp snowblower — toggle snowblower (protection from snowforming)
  • /rp speedway — toggle speedway mode
  • /rp speed <speed> — define speedway sprinting speed
  • /rp speedblock <id1,id2,...,idN> — define pavement block at speedways
  • /rp lava — toggle lava-flow protection mode
  • /rp water — toggle water-flow protection mode

Changes in v0.1.3

  • Snowblower: Now you can protect your roads from the snow-forming! (Don't forget to define pavement blocks for your road)


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