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If your needing another set of fresh heroes skills, look no more. Below is a list of skills I've developed for servers to use. Basic descriptions are attached, but I highly recommend checking the wiki if you plan on implementing the skill into your existing set. If you need help with installing skills or in general use of the Heroes plugin checkout the [Heroes Page](http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/heroes/|Heroes Plugin page) (They are also at spout ) and see what they have to offer. Many of the following skills can be configured to scale with level, but if you prefer a flat damage that is also possible.

**Suggestions / Improvements **
If you wish to post an improvement or suggestion please visit the pages below and post on the thread/issue I have. BEFORE posting make sure I haven't already listed it as a work in progress and if it's an improvement, that it is not listed on the wiki under future ideas.

Wiki for detailed options and descriptions

Compatible Version: 1.4.9


** Damaging / Harmful **

Affliction: Periodic damage effect that jumps to nearby enemies a set amount of times. Damage scales with level.
Cleave: Attack multiple targets in front of the user (sword/axe based).
Dark Tether: Puts a damage over time effect on the target which deals damage based on distance. Damage Scales with level and distance can be set to how close mode instead of how far away.
Empower: The next physical attack will deal damage plus a percentage of the targets max health.
Ground Pound: Send surrounding enemies into the air, dealing damage.
Land Mine: Place a tnt mine at the users feet. Armed after set time.


Blizzard: Rapid fire snowballs. No damage is dealt. \ (Note: If you do want damage Heroes has built in config support for this using projectile damage in the skill config thanks @HavenofKairos) \ Entomb: Encapsulate the target player in glass. Optional damage over time. \ Fear: Forces the target to flee for a set time. \ Ice Block: Encapsulate the target player in ice. Optional damage over time. \ Life Tap: Converts health to mana. \ Frost Path: Walk on water by turning it to ice. \ Meditate: Heals the user overtime. Options for combat cancel and move cancel. \ Pass Through: Pass through a wall on use. \ Rocket Jump: Boost in the air one or more times. \ Shield Wall: Creates a temporary wall at targeted location. Configurable block type. \


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