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Are you tired of looking for a good votifier listener? Does it seem that you can't find a good one? Then this is the plugin for you! RewardVoting allows you to give your players rewards for voting on your server! This plugin is very customizable, you can give how many items you want, how much money and xp you want, and you can even customize the messages that are broadcasted! Download RewardVoting today!


  • Features
  • How to install
  • How to use
  • Requirements
  • Top donators
  • Support
  • Metrics
  • Read me!



  • Messages
    • All messages are changeable and colorable
  • /vote (shows the voting links)
    • All vote sites/links are changeable and colorable


  • Vote queue (Offline voting!)
  • Customizable lucky vote!
  • Top 5 voters!
  • Give items
  • Give Exp
  • Give Money (requires vault!)
  • A specific command (for giving players tickets etc)
  • Broadcast (message everyone sees while someone votes)
  • Joinmessage (When a player joins he/she gets reminded to vote!)
  • /Rewardvoting (info, , totalvotes, votes, queue)
  • /RVclaim (for claiming offline votes rewards)
  • Total server votes (See the total votes for your server)
  • Total player votes (See how many times a player voted)
  • Metrics (Statistics collection)

How to install

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Place it in your Plugins folder
  3. Reload your server
  4. Setup your rewards in the config file!
  5. Reload your server
  6. Now you are completely done!

How to use

  1. Make sure you have installed votifier correctly |Tutorial video.|
  2. Make sure you've put RewardVoting in your 'plugins' folder. not in the votifier listeners folder.
  3. Set up your config file and enjoy.


  • Votifier (Required)|Link|
  • Vault (Optional)|Link|

Top donators

  1. - xNoNuKeFoRyOux $22,50
  2. - JayCraft $10,00
  3. - $5,00
  4. - FROG52 $1,00

Donating keeps me not only motivated to update and improve this plugin, but also helps me by taking classes to get better at programming. The donated money will be used for programming purposes only (like software). Click here to donate!


  • There are several ways to ask questions or report bugs.
  • Tickets get answered by the ticket manager, and maybe the author.
  • Send an e-mail ( (FASTEST reply! Within 24 hours!)


  • This plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server
  • You can disable it in the config (Metrics: false).


  • When updated to a newer version make sure to generate a new config file!
    • Delete the old config and reload the server this will make a new config file
  • Only version 7.0 or higher is supported by the owner.


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