ReverseCraft is a plugin that add's more crafting recipe's for items to craft.
There also recipes for crafting things back(Reverse)
like "you made a iron sword but you didn't want to"
Then with this plugin you can just craft it back to 2 iron_ingots
This works with a lot of items
This plugin is minecraft version 1.5.2
/pcraft: A portable craftingbench.
/penchant: A portable enchantment table.
/pstat: See what is enabled and what is disabled
/precipe: See the craftable items with ReverseCraft

ReverseCraft.* gives acces to all commands.
ReverseCraft.pcraft gives acces to /pcraft.
ReverseCraft.penchant gives acces to /penchant
ReverseCraft.stat gives acces to /stat
ReverseCraft.precipe gives acces to /precipe

Things you now can craft

With Format

l - l - l
l - l - l
i - s - i

l= Leather
i = String
s = Emerald

Old recipe for Book (new still works)
a - a - a
p - p - p
a - a - a

a = Air
p = Paper

g - i - g
i - e - i
g - i - g

g = gold
i = iron
e = endstone

N - N - N
N - S - N
N - N - N

n = Nether_star
s = Saddle

Without Format

String*4: Wool
Fermented Spider Eye: Spider Eye*4
Spider Eye*4: Fermented Spider Eye
Nether Star: Iron Block + Gold Block + Diamond Block + Emerald
Fire*5: Flint and Steel
Leather: Raw Beef
Chain_Armor: Like normal armor but then with Fire
Obsidian: Water Bucket + Lava Bucket
Water (Without a bucket): Water Bucket
Xp Bottle: Bottle + Iron_Ingot + Gold_Ingot + Diamond
Mycelium: Red_Mushroom + Brown_Mushroom + Dirt
Sponge: Dirt + Water_Bucket
Ice: Snow + Water_Bucket
Mossy Cobblestone: Slimeball + Cobblestone
Double Stone Slab: Stone_Slab + Stone_Slab
Death Bush: Slimeball + Sapeling
EndStone*8: Obsidian + Eye of Ender

Item's you can reverse

Wooden Tools/Sword
Cobblestone Tools/Sword
Iron Tools/Sword
Gold Tools/Sword
Diamond Tools/Sword
Leather Armor
Iron Armor
Gold Armor
Diamond Armor
8 Iron Ingots (into 1 Gold)
4 Gold Ingot (into 1 Diamond)
1 Emerald (into 1 Diamond)
Wooden Door
Iron Door
Redstone Block
Quartz Block
Redstone Comparator(into 3 redstone torches)
Spawn eggs for all animals

With ReverseCraft you have a lot more fun and a lot more recipe's.

Coming Soon
The rest of the ReverseCraft items in /precipe

If you wanna support me you can donate some money, you can do this by pressing on the donate button above the page (we would really like it).

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