This plugin does nothing on it's own, it does provide classes for development and is therefore needed only if you use a plugin built with RetherzLib.


What is RetherzLib?

RetherzLib is a library of a wide range of classes to store reuseable code, code which I have yet to find use for and classes which are easier updated through a single plugin, rather than all my plugins.

Notable Features

  • Bungee/Spigot transfer support and event registration.
  • Twitch and Youtube channel data retriever.
  • Mojang server data retriever. 
  • Minecraft server data retriever.
  • Location serializer.

Installation - Requires Java 8

  • #1 Download RetherzLib through the Download button or browse files for outdated versions.
  • #2 Drag your downloaded file (RetherzLib.jar) to your plugins directory of your server.
  • #3 Restart, done!


I have yet to write a documentation for this, I might make this open source and write a documentation if there is demand.



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