Current Version: 1.1

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ResProtect adds custom protection flags to protect Animals and Villagers inside of protected residence area's. New flags = [mayor] & [butcher].

  • mayor = Villager Protection.
  • npctrade = Villager Trading
  • butcher = Animal Protection.
  • chat = Chat Filter.
  • stormdamage = Prevents lightning damage to players and other entities in the protected area.
  • portal = blocks portal creations (world flag only)
  • egghatch = Prevents or Allows Egg Hatch
  • shear = Prevents or Allows Sheep Shearing.
  • form = Prevents or Allows Snow and Ice to Form.
  • melt = Prevents or Allows Melting affects.
  • soil = Prevents tilled soil from revert back into dirt.
  • safezone = Prevents mobs from targetting the player.
  • mo-ambient = Prevents ambient Mo-Creatures from Spawning.
  • mo-monsters = Prevents Monster Mo-Creatures from Spawning.
  • mo-passive = Prevents Passive Mo-Creatures from Spawning.
  • mo-aquatc = Prevents Aquatic Mo-Creatures from Spawning.


EnableSnowChangeEvents: false
PreventAllSnowForming: false
EnableLightningDetection: true
EnableChatListner: true
EnableForgeHooks: true
EnableMoCreaturesHooks: true

EnableSnowChangeEvents: Monitors Melt and Snow Events use with caution!

EnableLightningDetection: Monitors Lightning Events and Cancels them for specific res areas or worlds.

EnableChatListener: Monitors Chat Events and Cancels them for specific res areas or worlds.

EnableForgeHooks: Hooks into Cauldron enabled server.

EnableMoCreaturesHooks: Hooks into Mo-Creature Spawns.

How to Use?

Install the ResProtect plugin into your servers plugin direction and start your server. You'll need to modify your Residence config.yml to add the new custom flags under Global, FlagPermission, ResidenceDefault and CreatorDefault.


Support for this and all other AlmuraDev plugins can be found by joining our chat channel here:

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  • Residence or Residence 2.7-Forge


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