Residence Permissions

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Very simple plugin adding temporary permissions to your Residences


Why the plugin

Residence Ticket

I use on my server rescreative, player entering residence get creative mode, then they can get items, and sell them using /sell command from essentials, so with this plugin i can remove permission to /sell on that residence.

Now with flag support You can create own flags giving player permissions, example flag preventing using mcMMO skills, or flag allowing LWC creation.

What does it do

Adds additional permissions to player on residence change.

Example Configuration

Negative Permissions doesn't work, you can set world flag "lwc" and set "-lwc" on residences.


debug:true # display debug in console, default: false

flags.yml - list of residence flags

  desc: empty flag used to disable config recreate
  perms: []
  desc: allow creating lwc protected blocks
  - lwc.protect #LWC
  desc: enables magic in residence
  - magicspells.cast.* #MagicSpells
  desc: enables skills and abilities mcmmo mcmmo
  - mcmmo.ability.*
  - mcmmo.skills.*


res2: # residence  name
- example.permission # permission to add while player is on residence
rez5-test: # residence-subzone name
- someplugin.warp
market-shop-player: # residence market, subzone shop, subzone player
- someplugin.perm


  • /resperm debug - toggle console debug
  • /resperm reload - reload configuration files
  • /resperm resreload - reload res.yml


  • resperm.toggledebug - access to /resperm debug command

Future Idea

  • Replace - with . (still working on bukkit config pathSeparator problem)
  • Add more commands
  • Add more permissions
  • Add "perm" flag to set permissions only to player with this flag
  • Add predefined flags with permissions, example "market" flag will add permission to create/use trade signs.

How to install

  1. Drop jar into plugins folder.
  2. Run server

How to use

  1. open plugins/resperm/res.yml
  2. configure additional permissions to residences
  3. type in server console resperm resreload
  4. test it
  1. If something dosn't work, type in console resperm debug
  2. test it
  3. post new ticket with console output


Included in jar

Known Bugs

  • Negative permissions doesn't work
  • Lots of overuse possibilities ;)
  • Residence doesn't fire event on player teleport, so after warp player still can have permission.


Do you like to change something? Create Ticket :) Have some idea? Create Ticket :)

Do you use some cool plugin? Commend your custom flags for it !


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