Install the plugin, set up the config and have every player get the items every time they spawn! It's really that simple!


- Set armour as well

- The ability to set all 36 slots of the inventory

- Any item, any block


- /si - Bring up the help menu

- /si help - Also bring up the menu

- /si reload - Reload plugin configuration


The plugin is very easily configurable with only a few numeric values needing to be added.

Now remember, the config is a YAML file which means NO TABS! At all! If you include any tabs, the plugin will break. To check that your config is working, simply paste the contents into this website:

If you put the name of the items, they won't work. You have to put the numeric item ID for each item. For a list of all of the item ID's you can have as well as the possible data values, visit this page:

Enchantments don't work yet. When Enchantment support is added, more information regarding setup will be added here.

Coming soon:

- Enchantments on any item, even armour

- Permissions support

- Multiple sets of items


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