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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2



  • Change to 1.6 methods, will not work on 1.5.2
  • Null checks for blocks in PlayerInteract
  • Fix block ignite
  • Horses on correct flag
  • Various things


  • Fix NPE when Dispensers use flint and steel
  • Added zip backups
  • Added ResidenceChangedEvent (Javacow)


  • Add hopper, dropper, and trapped chest to container flag
  • Add tnt minecarts to tnt flag
  • Updated to 1.5
  • Added metrics


  • Fix explosions near res's
  • Fix custom blocks in config
  • Fix necromancy in healing res's
  • Removed caching
  • Changed internal storage of residences
  • Fixed bugs relating to new internal storage(from alpha's)


  • Implement more stable saving system
  • Implement save backup system
  • Added residence.select flag
  • Implement performance enchancing simple caching system


  • Updated to 1.4.5
  • Removed final override of setEnabled


  • Updated to 1.4.2
  • Wither Protection
  • Event listener priority's changed
  • Item Frame Protection
  • New useable blocks added to use flag
  • Bat spawning added to ANimals flag
  • Explosions in proximity to res's are handled correctly
  • Fixed trample flag again... For realz
  • Fixed a few resadmin related bugs
  • Code cleanup


  • Fixed bug with world flags not being overridden by group world flags
  • Fixed double chests at edge of res's being susceptible to explosions outside of res
  • Code cleanup


  • Fixed bug with Move flag
  • Added Czech Translation
  • Rewrote Explosion listener
  • Rewrote piston extension/contraction listener
  • Heavy optimization on listeners
  • Added check on spawn event for Move perms in spawn location
  • Tnt exploding next to a Residence with tnt set to false no longer damages the edge blocks of the Residence(likewise for creeper)
  • World edit selections now auto imported when using same selection tool
  • Added "explode" flag which protects from tnt, creepers, and fireballs. flag is superceded by tnt, creeper, and fireball
  • Added "fireball" flag which protects from fireballs.
  • Fixed bug when using Vault and superperms
  • Added Brazilian translation
  • Moved command listener to its own class
  • Chopped up command listener for easier readability
  • Made setowner, remove and confirm commands available to console user
  • Fixed /resreload command
  • Added /res compass RESNAME command, points compass to indicated Residence
  • Added ResidenceRenameEvent
  • Made residence.create permission override config options for create.
  • Fixed Trample flag
  • "build" flag now allows/disallows planting cocoa beans on jungle trees
  • Large code cleanup
  • Improvements to custom flag API
  • ATTENTION SERVER OPERATORS: You will need to add new flags(not flag groups) to the config in order for your users to use them IMPORTANT NOTE: Ghast fireballs are now handled by the "fireball" flag, no longer by the "tnt" flag.


  • Fixed and reimplemented world edit selection integration
  • Fixed bug where move event errors occurred after deleting a residence
  • Moved off of deprecated PlayerChatEvent to AsyncPlayerChatEvent
  • Removed errors from invalid characters in language files on startup
  • Fixed various bugs and errors


  • Enderpearl teleporting is now protected by "move" flag
  • Dragon eggs are now protected by "use"
  • Added "egg" flag to supersede "use"
  • Added "bucket" flag to "trusted" macro flag
  • All supported language files generate and update when out of date.
  • ResAdmin status is toggle-able by those with residence.admin permission
  • Updated German translation by webnews2
  • Added IronGolems, SnowGolems, and Ocelots to "Animals" flag
  • Cleaned up and fixed "move" flag.
  • Cleaned up residence healing
  • Removed world seed check from save files
  • Painting break and place now overridden by resadmin
  • Fence gates and nether fence gates now protected by both "door" and "use" flags
  • Removed mob combustion from "ignite" and put it in it's own flag "burn"
  • Bonemealing grass now prevented/allowed via "build" flag(Thankyou tonkovich)
  • WorldEdit selection will no longer set when the Residence selection changes until we find a fix for it, as that was what was causing selection bug.
  • Fixed selection bug for now
  • ATTENTION SERVER OPERATORS: You will need to add new flags(not flag groups) to the config in order for your users to use them, though they are nonessential.


  • Added Hungarian and German translations, and fixed some problems with the Spanish and Chinese translations
  • Fixed market command help, including sub commands
  • Fixed several message bugs involving sub-zones
  • Fixed NoResHere message appearing when using string
  • Added the corner of residence coordinates to /res info
  • Cake, noteblocks, pressure plates, and diodes are now protected by "<use>"
  • New fields added to language files, Servers using custom language files will need to update.
  • The "<container>" flag now protects jukeboxes
  • The "<build>" flag now allows/denies crop trampling
  • Added flags to supersede "use" when present: "diode", "brew", "table", "door", "enchant", "bed", "button", "lever", "cake", "pressure", "note"
  • Added flag macros:"<redstone>" (button, diode, lever, pressure), "<craft"> (brew, table, enchant)
  • Added flag: "trample" When present overrides build perms to allow/deny trampling of crops
  • Added all new flag information to language files for /res flags ?
  • ATTENTION SERVER OPERATORS: You will need to add new flags(not flag groups) to the config in order for your users to use them, though they are nonessential.


  • Fix null pointer exception when using WorldEdit selection.


  • Missing WorldEdit on startup no longer breaks the plugin
  • Spanish, Chinese translations added (#197)
  • Python scripts are now included in the Jar
  • Added a "trusted" flag
  • Group settings can now be mirrored in the config.
  • Made residence select commands query World Edit for coordinates first when worldedit is enabled
  • Fix cross world teleport causing errors in console (fixes #186)
  • MyWorlds now loads before Residence


  • Mod support provided via block ID lists in config.yml
  • WorldEdit selection will now be set when the Residence selection changes
  • "/res select residence" will now use your current location to fill in the residence and area names if not specified.


  • Color code string literals changed to ChatColor calls for improved code readability
  • French translation added


  • Splash potions will be nullified on players in residences where pvp is false
  • Enchantment Tables are now in the "use" list.


  • Added selection using WorldEdit
  • Define an area using WorldEdit, then use "/res select worldedit"
  • Tested using CB 1.2.5-R1.0 but should work with any 1.2.x build.


  • Fixed Delay caused by permission check


  • Fixed PlayerInteractEvent delay
  • Add "Brewing Stand" to "use" flag


  • No longer built-in support: IConomy4 MineConomy
  • Updated built-in support: RealEconomy 1.11,bPermissions 2.9.1
  • Fixed Enderman protection.
  • Fixed ResidenceSigns v0.3,EssentialsECO supported
  • Now Permission groups correctly match.
  • UTF-8 support for config file


  • Updated built in max selection height to be 255


  • Fix some issues with newer CB builds.


  • Update custom events to new event system


  • Update to use new bukkit event system.


  • Fixed a selection bug allowing selection beyond world above/below limits.
  • Added missing language text for warning when selection was going above/below limits (it was hard coded before, in language file now).
  • Fix a couple rare null pointer exceptions.

When using the same wand in both residence and worldedit,  your selection mode is stuck in cuboid