Residence v2.4.0


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    Sep 6, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1060



  • Support for bPermissions
  • Add "/res pset <residence> [player] removeall" command to remove all flags for that player
  • Added console only command "/resworld remove [world]" to remove all residences in a world.
  • "/res remove" now requires confirmation using the "/res confirm" command, before removing a residence.
  • Fixed subzone flag.
  • Fixed a few null pointer exceptions related to the "/res message" command, and a few other issues with it as well.
  • Fixed few cosmetic rent message bugs.
  • Fixed few mispellings...


  • Added name filter to Residences to prevent characters that mess up YML from being used. This should fix many of the errored YML files that people have been getting.
  • Fixed arrow damage in no-pvp zones (bug introduced in the Residence 1060 update).
  • Added a "Permissions Group" line of text into /res limits, this will show your Permissions group as reported by Residence.