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ResExtras is a addition to Residence that includes limiting and configuring everything you see below. This addition adds more Residence flags to the existing ones built in. For example, don't want pigs to spawn? No problem just set pig to false. Or say you have a mob grinder and spiders are clogging it up, just turn spider to false.

See anything I missed? Comment below or send me code.


  • portal - prevents users using nether portals
  • lightning - prevents lightning strikes
  • hunger - prevents users losing hunger
  • sprint - prevents sprinting
  • fishing - prevents fishing
  • sneak - prevents sneaking
  • pigzap - prevents pigs turning into pigman on lightning strike
  • slimesplit - prevents slimes splitting into multiple slimes
  • pigsaddle - prevents the saddling of the precious pigs
  • god - prevents users from taking damage and displays sparkles on receiving damage
  • blockdamage - prevents entities(Ex: TNT) from harming blocks but still damages other entities

Mob Flags:

  • Too many to list, just click here


  • /ResExtras version - Displays version number
  • /ResExtras list - Displays Flag list

How to install:

  • Make sure Residence is installed
  • Install ResExtras.jar
  • Edit config.yml to enable/disable features of ResExtras
  • Add flags to flags.yml in the Residence folder
    • Easiest way is to copy ResExtras config and paste it into flags.yml
  • Done


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