This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



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Core Features

  • GUI Enabled Banking System
  • Links directly with your economy using Vault
  • Interest Gain setting per Bank, per Account Type
  • Configurable Death Tax as well as the ability to collect tax into "Bank Vault"
  • Uses with Citizens 2 NPC's or a Sign to activate GUI System.

Multi-Server Enabled

  • This plugin is written for both Bukkit and Spout Servers.

Spoutcraft & SpoutPlugin

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  • Almura Dev Team


Support for this and all other AlmuraDev plugins can be found by joining our chat channel here:

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File: config.yml

# config.yml
# This dictates the time Reserve should wait to apply a modifier.
# By default...
#   - Reserve will apply an interest factor once every 72 Minecraft days (which is once a human day).
#   - There is 20 ticks per second. 86,400 seconds in a day, ~1,728,000 ticks performed in one human day.
#   - Be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS about adjusting the save interval. Too low and you could potentially lock your server up. Too high
#     and your server suffers a crash, the persistence could be very out of date. For this reason, I feel 2 minutes as a default is
#     a good medium.
  interest: true
  tax-death: true
  interest: 1728000
  save: 2400
  death-range: 25-75


Here's a list of specific permissions nodes for this plugin and what each does.

  • reserve.admin = Allows the user Admin access to all Reserve Abilities
  • reserve.accoundadd = Allows the user to add a new account to an existing bank
  • reserve.deposit = Allows the user to make deposits to an already existing account
  • reserve.withdraw = Allows the user to make withdraws from an already existing account
  • reserve.accountremove = Allows the user to remove an existing account.


  • /reserve - Open main GUI for setting up Reserve (Master Console).

Sign Configuration

First line: [Reserve] Second Line: [YourBankName]

The second line of the sign is obviously limited by how many characters it can have. Therefore if you run into this issue we suggest using Citizen NPC's to allow the player to interact with a true "Banker".


Citizen 2 Setup

Here are the steps needed to make a Citizens 2.0 NPC act as a banker.

1. Create your NPC like you usually would. 2. Type /train banker 3. Then right-click the banker and set the Bank's Name to open when a user interacts with the banker.

Hard Dependencies

Soft Dependencies

  • Citizens 2.0+

Donations for this project can be directed here: PayPal: Click Here

Many thanks for your consideration.


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