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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


ReportRTS v1.2.2 Changelog

  1. New command system.
    • Allows for legacy-like command system by setting the legacy option to true in the configuration.
      • Legacy commands do not work from console.
      • Tab completion does not work with legacy commands.
    • Most commands work from console.
  2. Requests have been renamed to tickets.
    • Please regenerate your messages.yml file to reflect these new changes.
  3. Some messages instructing users to type a specific command is now dynamic to reflect the new dynamic command system.
    • Please regenerate your messages.yml file to reflect these new changes.
  4. Several bugs have been fixed.
    • Fixed the ancient "claimed by null" issue when assigning tickets or claiming tickets.
    • Fixed incorrectly passed UUID to BungeeCord when it wanted a username instead.
    • Fixed broken pagination when attempting to view held tickets.
    • Fixed UUID being passed instead of username when a player attempted to open a ticket by placing a sign.
    • Fixed a NullPointerException that would occur if a player attempted to teleport to a ticket that referenced world that did no longer exist on the server.
    • Fixed an issue in isNumber() that caused it to return true when a negative number was passed.
    • Fixed an issue resulting in a NumberFormatException should the user provide a number larger than the max size of an Integer.
    • Added missing authorization check to /rts setup.
  5. Tickets are fancier than ever!
    • If a ticket message is equal to or longer than 20 characters, it is shortened. However when hovered over it will display the full text in a tooltip.
      • This slows down the commands by a tiny bit. If you don't want to sacrifice the minor performance you may turn it off.
      • Disable fancy tickets by setting "request.fancify" to false.
      • Soft dependency for ProtocolLib added as a result. Plugin will continue to function like usual without ProtocolLib.


  • Bungee Name Update task will no longer run on servers with the option set to disabled.
  • Prevent an infinite loop in the UUID migration task if an invalid user is located in the database.
  • Fix MySQL tables not being created on fresh installs.
  • A fix for "insecure" (non-existent ) users in /assign and /rts ban.


  • First implementation of UUID support has been completed. I expect to tweak the plugin's usage of UUID over time. The plugin will automatically migrate your user data to UUID, please /reload the server when the plugin is done to avoid errors.
  • BungeeCord support has finally been implemented thanks to the hard work by SuperSpyTX.
  • An option to prevent duplicate requests by the same user has been added to config.yml.
  • MessageHandler has been updated to use the non-deprecated loadConfiguration() methods.
  • Auto completion has been added to several commands. Try pressing TAB after typing /check.
  • Added permission node to include all necessary permissions for a normal player. reportrts.user: contains permissions for modreq, check.self and complete.self
  • Fixed several ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exceptions.
  • Fixed NumberFormat exceptions on almost all /check commands.
  • Some optimization (Enum switches has been replaced with Java 1.7 String switches. A fair amount of Try&Catch has been replaced).


  • Metrics has been updated.
  • There's now a first time setup to ReportRTS (please give feedback if you attempt to use it).
  • The ReopenCommand has been improved thanks to SuperSpyTX.
  • Several events have been added to the plugin for developers to listen for thanks to cnaude.
  • Added option to enable held requests to be displayed in the nagging message, note that enabling this causes a MySQL query.
  • Updated the versionchecker to abide by the new holy commandments. Still hungover, but I did it for you guys.

=== Java 7 is required to run ReportRTS! === If you for some reason require it to be Java 6 compatible, you may take the source code on Github, replace every and all Java 7 calls and recompile it using Java 6.

USAGE HAS BEEN CHANGED, read the new usage page! Permission nodes will change at a later date! Please pay attention to the changelogs.

Make sure to back up your ReportRTS tables before running this!

API is hard-coded to not initialize as it is not complete.

The message "One of your requests have been completed while you were offline" may show up twice under certain configurations.