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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2


ReportRTS changes since build 110 (aka 1.0.0)
113 - Version check implemented (default on, can be disabled in the config!).
115 - Made message map non-static as it changes, I derped.
117 - Query handling has been rewritten to a more efficient format.
117 - Vanish support has been implemented, defaults to disabled. If enabled you will be hidden from /modlist if the player running the command can not see you.
119 - Add visible X,Y,Z to /check <id>. This might not stay, awaiting feedback.
121 - Added /assign command. New permission node: reportrts.command.assign
124 - Dropped permission check for importing from ModTRS since we no longer support it.
125 - Return correctly after attempting to change duty from console (console is not a player).
126 - Console may now file requests, location will be set to your default world's spawn as console cannot have a location.
127 - Find/search for requests created or completed by a specified player, this uses the check stats permission node. Example: /reportrts find ProjectInfinity completed <page> (defaults to 1).
128 - Added a minimum word length check for filing requests, it comes with a default of three words (the default may change in the future) which you can change to your liking. Thanks to Riaku!
131 - Reduce number of server objects sent. Improves performance.
133 - hideWhenOffline has been improved. Will always fill a page up now.
139 - A sound is played for players with reportrts.mod when a request is filed (sound will change at a later date and become optional).
142 - Database handling has been re-done. No longer uses SQLibrary.
142 - Added table prefix support. This means you can now run multiple ReportRTS instances in the same database.
143 - A BUNCH of events have been added for developers to hook into. Thanks nasonfish!
144 - Notifications for players who are offline are no longer shown immediately upon login. They now fire 5 seconds after logging in.


  • Removed redundant code and duplicate messages in /unclaim.
  • Removed old debug code in the database handler.
  • Made debug mode far more accurate (it might be slightly more expensive to run now, but it gives you useful information opposed to the very uninformative information it previously gave you).
  • Message handler completely rewritten, all messages have been moved to ReportRTS/messages.yml. You can safely delete all messages from config.yml.
  • Store staff, rather than querying online players. This reduces the time required to notify staff about anything and can reduce the amount of time it takes by up to 70% on large servers.
  • Added a notifications reset command, you can reset the notifications by typing "/reportrts notifications reset" or display them using "/reportrts notifications", large servers with thousands of tickets might wanna use this command to check how many players are left to be notified of their ticket completion. Clearing it will lessen the amount of time a login takes.
  • Added a duty system. You can now go off duty, this means you will no longer get messages by ReportRTS or pop up in /modlist. The syntax is "/reportrts duty on|off".

New permission nodes:


  • Stop /complete from setting a requests status to "complete" should the player object return null.
  • PlayerJoinEvent listener has been improved a bit, should yield a nice performance increase.
  • No longer send comment "null" to a user if a request has been completed without a comment from the staff member.
  • /claim will no longer go through with an action should the player object return null.
  • Fixed /unclaim being possible even without the node, reportrts.override
  • Added help command, /reportrts help. - Permission: reportrts.command.help
  • Cut down on the amount of parsing done in most of the commands, this yields better performance.
  • ReportRTS will no longer log a SEVERE entry should a notification fail to update in the database, it will now log it as a WARNING.


  • Added a reminder (nagging) feature that will remind you about tickets that are not completed or put on hold. Default 5 minutes interval (change to 0 to disable feature)
  • Added temporary plugin metrics (can be disabled).
  • The /modlist command now uses DisplayName instead of Name, allowing you to use nicknames and colors (thank you oloflarsson)
  • Added missing /check c alias for /check closed (thank you oloflarsson)
  • Doing /check closed will no longer say that there are no held requests when there are no closed requests.