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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


  • Stop /complete from setting a requests status to "complete" should the player object return null.
  • PlayerJoinEvent listener has been improved a bit, should yield a nice performance increase.
  • No longer send comment "null" to a user if a request has been completed without a comment from the staff member.
  • /claim will no longer go through with an action should the player object return null.
  • Fixed /unclaim being possible even without the node, reportrts.override
  • Added help command, /reportrts help. - Permission: reportrts.command.help
  • Cut down on the amount of parsing done in most of the commands, this yields better performance.
  • ReportRTS will no longer log a SEVERE entry should a notification fail to update in the database, it will now log it as a WARNING.


  • Added a reminder (nagging) feature that will remind you about tickets that are not completed or put on hold. Default 5 minutes interval (change to 0 to disable feature)
  • Added temporary plugin metrics (can be disabled).
  • The /modlist command now uses DisplayName instead of Name, allowing you to use nicknames and colors (thank you oloflarsson)
  • Added missing /check c alias for /check closed (thank you oloflarsson)
  • Doing /check closed will no longer say that there are no held requests when there are no closed requests.


  • Fix request table creation on new installs when using MySQL.


  • Help signs will no longer pop off the ground without a error message.
  • Performing /check on closed tickets will now display the comment (if any) that the staff member made.
  • Claiming is no longer just a visual thing, only players with the permission reportrts.override can override a ticket.
  • Falling back onto SQLite when a MySQL connection fails is working again.
  • Closed tickets can no longer be put on hold.
  • You can now check your latest closed tickets by typing /check closed, this is ordered by latest closed. Read from top to bottom.
  • Better debug mode. Now provides some more information for those of you who do not log all commands on a server.
  • Save yaw and pitch when filing tickets. This means that when you /tp-id to your ticket, you will now also look where the person who made the ticket was looking.
  • The amount of requests shown per page is now configurable.
  • ModTRS import feature removed, we are no longer going to hold the plugin back by keeping it backwards compatible.
  • Fix an issue that occured in one of the development builds where any /reportrts command that interacted with the database failed.
  • When doing /check on a closed ticket, the time spent on the ticket (from when it was filed, to when it was closed) is shown.
  • When doing /check on a claimed ticket, the amount of time that the ticket has been claimed is shown.
  • Added a absolutely 100% necessary /reportrts upgrade (only available for OP) command for ALL SQLite users that has been using this plugin before v0.4.0. THIS IS A NECESSARY STEP TO GO THROUGH BECAUSE OF A BUG.

Hide requests from offline users are not working very well, it is recommended not to use it.