Hate using the '/reload' command?

Then this is the plugin for YOU! You can reload one plugin or all of them. you can enable or disable plugins one by one. Note: I am currently taking suggestions on features for the plugin

Permissions have changed, please add reloader.* to the permissions configuration to access all permissions post 3.5.0.

There have been many changes to the configuration file, please back up your old one and delete the original to allow it to be updated.

Introducing localization, anyone willing to translate the locale.yml file, to different languages, please submit your translation to me via github or private message on bukkitdev. This feature will also allow you to customize the color scheme of the whole plugin if you feel like it!


  • reloader.*
  • reloader.reload
  • reloader.load
  • reloader.unload
  • reloader.enable
  • reloader.disable
  • reloader.check
  • reloader.use
  • reloader.perm
  • reloader.config
  • reloader.list


  • /reloader - - help command
  • /reloader reload <plugin|all|*> - - reload plugin(s)
  • /reloader disable <plugin|all|*> - - disable plugin(s)
  • /reloader enable <plugin|all|*> - - enable plugin(s)
  • /reloader load <plugin> - - loads the plugin <plugin> from the plugins folder, use plugin name not filename
  • /reloader unload <plugin> - - unload <plugin>
  • /reloader check <Plugin> - - check whether or not <Plugin> is enabled
  • /reloader info <Plugin> - - Gives info on <Plugin>
  • /reloader use <Plugin> - - Gives info on how to use <plugin>
  • /reloader perm [Player] <Permission> - - Tells you if you or [Player] has <Permission>
  • /reloader list - - List plugins in alphabetical order and sorts them by enabled or disabled
  • /reloader list -v - - List plugins in alphabetical order and sorts them by enabled or disabled and lists plugin version
  • /reloader config [Plugin] - - Reloads [plugin]'s config or Reloader's config if left blank


  • Timed reloads
  • Exemption list
  • Choose which plugins can be auto reloaded
  • Custom messages for reloading all and timed reloads

ToDo list

  • Take suggestions from users


  • We use plugin metrics to keep track of how many servers use our plugin. Please do not disable it because we like to know how many people use our Plugin!




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