This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Religions is a Bukkit plugin that allows users to create religions. These religions worship a certain God, and the God of a religion will get angry if their is a lack of sacrifices to it. Great for RPG servers.


  • /religion create <name> <main god> - Creates a religion
  • /religion addgod <name> <god of> - Creates a God who is God of a specified thing
  • /religion delgod <name> - Deletes a God
  • /religion editgod <god> <new item> - Adds an item a God accepts as a sacrfice
  • /religion delete - Deletes your religion (if you are head priest of it)
  • /religion invite <name> - Invites a player to your religion (if your a priest of it)
  • /religion join <religion> - Joins a religion (if invited)
  • /religion leave - Leaves your current religion
  • /religion headpriest <name> - Changes someone else to the Head Priest and demotes you to a Priest
  • /religion priest <name> - Makes the user a priest of your religion
  • /religion setmaingod <god> - Sets the main god for your religion to worship
  • /religion worship <god> - Adds a non-main god your religion to worship
  • /religion stopworship <god> - Deletes a non-main god your religion worships
  • /religion war <religion> - Declare war on a different religion
  • /religion sacrifice <god> - Sacrifice the item in your hand to a God
  • /religion setdesc <desc> - Changes your religion's description
  • /religion info <religion> - Shows information about a religion

Pre-made Gods

The list of pre-made gods are:

  • Cid - God of Space and Time - Likes being sacrificed black wool, nether stars, beacons, and clocks.
  • Aka - God of Evil - Likes being sacrificed bones, rotten flesh, redstone, and gold. Likes when a war is won or declared.
  • Vitaiv - God of Life - Likes being sacrificed seeds, grass, wheat, and bread. Hates when war is declared.
  • H'jo - God of Magic - Likes being sacrificed experience bottles and enchanted books.
  • Awt - God of Water - Likes being sacrificed ice, sand, clay and water buckets.
  • Ysk - God of Sky - Likes when being sacrificed white wool, feathers and light blue wool.
  • Sa - God of Exploration - Likes being sacrificed maps, compasses, torches, redstone torches, and clocks.

Pre-made Gods are from La La Landian mythology, created by idontcare1025 and jhkwas.


  • religions.<command name> - Gives a user permission for specified command


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