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This plugin is used to tell users the website of your server for them to register at your website

- Shows server website on a command.
- Shows server ip on a command.

The commands are:
/register - this tells you the website to register at.
/registerreload - This reloads the plugin config so if you change the message for the server file it will display the new one.
/serverip - to display the ip you set in plugin config.

The permissions are:
Register.register - this makes it so you can use /register.
Register.registerreload - this makes it so you are able to reload the plugin config it says who reloads it.
Register.Serverip - The perm for users to use /serverip

To install:
1.Download the latest version .
2.put it in your plugins folder.
3.restart or reload the server you will see a file called "Register" Open it and you will see the Config text file.
4. Change the text to what ever but leave the "Register: " with space and type in whatever message you want.
5.Use /registerreload then your all set!

Version 1.00: was made as a test project.
Version 2.00: Added config settings and added /registerreload command.
Version 2.2.0: Removed the code to make it say who reloaded the plugin and added /serverip to display the server ip you set in config
Version 2.4.0: Updated it to new bukkit version and added /serverip.
Version 2.6.0 Updated to new bukkit version.
Version 2.7.0: Updated bukkit version and fixed some rare errors.

Hello, this is the first plugin i have ever published to the public so fell free to post recommendations. I will re update when someone gives a new recommendation or when a new bukkit version comes out.

If you have any questions, please ask me!


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