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  • _ForgeUser9468338 created this issue Apr 1, 2013

    Hello there.

    I am running a survival/roleplay server where items are kept on death. This is via the keepInventory gamerule.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to create an option for this plugin that overrides the keepInventory rule and causes players that die within the region to lose their items.

    I apologize if this is already a feature as I am still getting to grips with the plugin. However I think it would be a neat addition and have a niche on certain server types (PvP, survival, Factions).


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  • _ForgeUser7258999 posted a comment Jun 23, 2013

    It is not currently a feature and to be honest I haven't really looked into the new gamerules that much. I guess this will give me an opportunity to do so.

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