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  • _ForgeUser8771169 created this issue Sep 9, 2012

    Regios is a nice Plugin and I thank-you for it.

    Latest update I have found that the users can not place water in their regions and when they try it messages them saying that the region is owned by me the one who set the region but in the info they own it.

    Also the creepers still do not explode - I would like them to explode or they are a useless monster - all they do is stand there and puff up but they do explode outside of the region as intended.

    I have done a new install with the new updated plugin so I have started from scratch and reset all the regions again - if this is of any use to you.

    Could you help in this matter please.

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  • _ForgeUser7258999 posted a comment Sep 27, 2012

    Are their regions around or inside a region that you still own that has water protection on? The water thing has been an issue for a while. I had a fix for it a few versions ago but the lag it created was intolerable. I had to revert back to the crappy protection.

    Do you have explosions disabled in the regions?

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  • _ForgeUser8771169 posted a comment Oct 1, 2012

    Hello there :)

    Answers to your questions are as followed:-

    In Default regions config:- ExplosionsEnabled: true TNTEnabled: true

    In World config:- ExplosionsEnabled: true

    Creepers still do explode outside of the regions.

    As for the water it seems to of sorted itself out - users are able to place water in their regions but I have not check to see if they can place it outside of their regions - hope they are not able to - I will check this to see if they can.

    Edited Oct 1, 2012
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