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    Apr 18, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.2


Lots of refactoring in this update, most changes are behind the scenes
Added BukkitBiomes class
Added BukkitPlayer class
Added BukkitWorld class
Added PlayerManager class
Added CMDText class
Added Message class
Added MsgFormat class
Added EncryptUtil class
Added RegionUtil class
Added RegiosConversions class
Moved net.jzx7.regios.listeners to net.jzx7.regios.bukkit.listeners
Moved net.jzx7.regios.SpoutPlugin to net.jzx7.regios.bukkit.SpoutPlugin
Removed all references to ChatColor class
Removed jnbt package (sans custom classes)
Removed Extras dependency
Started moving messages to Messages class for future translations
General code clean up
Fixed Fire spread not enabling/disabling
Added NBTData class
Added RegiosBiome class
Added RegiosBlock class
Added RegiosChest class
Added RegiosContainer class
Added RegiosDispenser class
Added RegiosFurnace class
Added RegiosNoteBlock class
Added RegiosSign class
Added RegiosSpawner class
Added RegiosPlayer class
Added InvalidNBTData exception
Added RegiosItem class
Added RegiosItemStack class
Added RegiosPoint class
Added jnbt package

Custom item names are lost when using backups/blueprints/schematics
As always remember to report any bugs found!