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    Dec 1, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2


Fixed polyregion throwing fit when width was greater that 256 (Y and Z were swapped)
Added missing world comparisons for "is in region" checks
Added patcher code to fix patching mistake made in 5.9.0
Fixed /r load-blueprint throwing an error when trying to paste blp
Fixed regios not detecting a player had left a region when using a portal within a region
Added new mobs to world configurations
Added /r shift command
Added new command to HelpText class
Moved some methods from Region to Region Manager
Added set2DPolygon(Polygon polygon) method to RegiosPolyRegion
Fixed polygon shrinking expanding instead
Changed regios.fun.listsell permission to regios.fun.listsale for clarity
Changed regios.protection.tnt-enabled perm to regios.protection.explosions-enabled to match command
Added .schematic support
Added commands /r loadsch <name> and /r savesch <name>
Seperated Region backups and blueprints
Fixed bug in blp load causing enchanted items in chests not to be restored
Added PluginMetrics for anonymous data collection
Added Region Type Count graph to Metrics
Added saveSchematic and loadSchematic to API
Renamed loadRegionShared to loadBackup in API
Renamed saveRegion to saveBackup in API
Added set2DPolygon(Polygon polygon) method to PolyRegion in RegiosAPI

Custom item names are lost when using backups/blueprints/schematics
As always remember to report any bugs found!