This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Current stable version: v5.9.9 for CB 1.6.2-R0.1

Regios, a fully fledged, extensive and extendible Region mod. Regios allows you to easily create regions with a vast amount of properties such as protection, entry & exit control, password protection, speed and health modifiers and much more! Regios is multi-world compatible and lightweight. More so Regios is open source and has a well documented API which will allow other developers to make add-ons to make Regios even better!

NOTE: Regios v5.0.3 and later now REQUIRES Vault for Economy and/or Permissions support. You can still use Regios without Vault but it will be Op or basic superperms only and without economy support.

Download Regios!

Do you use Dynmap? Ever wanted to see your Regios regions on Dynmap? Well now you can! Try the new Dynmap-Regios!

Some of the main features of Regios are:

  • Complete Region protection.
  • Spout GUI editor!
  • Permissions and group modification in real-time, force commands and inventory options.
  • Prevent exit or entry with password authentication.
  • Transfer structures/regions from server to server with new Blueprint (*.blp) files!
  • Backup your Regions and restore them to their former states. (Now includes container contents and sign text!)
  • API access.
  • Fun features such as health control, pvp settings and speed modifiers.
  • Per world configurations.
  • Default Region settings.
  • Simple flat file storage allows for manual editing if needed.
  • Universal Economy/Permission support through Vault
  • WorldEdit Support

Current To-Do list (in no particular order or priority):

  • Fix Spout GUI
  • Add non-cuboid regions Completed in 5.9.0!
  • Add self-contained permission system
  • Add player variables to commands
  • Expand Regios API Completed in 5.9.0!
  • Better multi-world support
  • Add renting
  • Add fall damage prevention
  • Fix water and lava placement issue when regions are close to each other
  • Add more effects for "fun" commands (prevent hunger, regen hunger, cause potion effects, etc.)
  • Add some way of visualizing regions in-game.
  • Add some form of child regions (mainly to prevent players from creating regions inside of other players regions)
  • Add some form of priority system for regions (for when regions overlap)
  • Add music looping
  • Make tutorial videos!
  • Make the commands more flexible (and helpful)
  • Add more command aliases (for some of the stranger commands, such as set-creature-spawns)
  • Add zombie door break protection
  • Improve modification commands
  • Add optional auto-update function
  • Add world commands
  • Add a scheduler for backups

For a list of Commands and Permissions, visit here:

>> === Wiki Page === <<

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