RegionTP add the functionality of teleportation to WorldGuard Regions. With this easy to use plugin you can set multiple teleports between worlds.


If you ever wanted to use a WorldGuard region to teleport a player to a location you know it's a challenging process. Well with RegionTP you can set this type of system up easily!

How to setup

  1. Create a worldguard region defined as what ever you want
  2. Stand in the position/world you want to teleport to
  3. Execute /regiontp settp <WGregionname>




Gif of plugin in action




Command Description Permission
  The player must have this to actually use the teleports. regiontp.teleport
/rgtp list [d] Lists all available teleports. [d] is optional and shows blacklist instead. regiontp.list
/rgtp settp <region> <world> Sets the player's current location to the warp point for the specified region. Enter a world if region is in another world. regiontp.settp
/rgtp deltp <region> Removes the specified region's warp point. regiontp.deltp
/rgtp test <region> Forces to player to teleport to the region's warp point. regiontp.

/rgtp toggle

/rgtp toggle <playername>

Toggles the ability to be teleported upon entering a region. Useful for building or modifiying a region.
Specifing a Player name is optional.



/rgtp reload Forces the plugin to get new data from the config file. regiontp.reload



  • Teleport players upon entering a WorldGuard region
  • Multiple region support
  • Muliverse compatible
  • Permissions support
  • Region Blacklist

Future Features

  • Permission per region 
  • Accept/Deny messages (custom set via conf.yml)
  • None found


Version 0.0.2 (Current)

  • Built on CraftBukkit-1.12.2
  • Repaired Permissions
  • Implemented region blacklist
  • Added ability to list all monitored regions
  • Toggle teleportation of self/others
  • Delete regions

Version 0.0.1

  • Complete rewrite of code
  • Built on CraftBukkit-1.12.2
  • Multi-world support
  • Multiple region support
  • Added ability to list all monitored regions


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