This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


RegionTP add the functionality of teleportation to WorldGuard Regions. With this easy to use plugin you can set multiple teleports between worlds.


If you ever wanted to use a WorldGuard region to teleport a player to a location you know it's a challenging process. Well with RegionTP you can set this type of system up easily!

How to setup

  1. Create a worldguard region defined as what ever you want
  2. Stand in the position/world you want to teleport to
  3. Execute /regiontp settp <WGregionname>




Gif of plugin in action




Command Description Permission
  The player must have this to actually use the teleports. regiontp.teleport
/rgtp list [d] Lists all available teleports. [d] is optional and shows blacklist instead. regiontp.list
/rgtp settp <region> <world> Sets the player's current location to the warp point for the specified region. Enter a world if region is in another world. regiontp.settp
/rgtp deltp <region> Removes the specified region's warp point. regiontp.deltp
/rgtp test <region> Forces to player to teleport to the region's warp point. regiontp.

/rgtp toggle

/rgtp toggle <playername>

Toggles the ability to be teleported upon entering a region. Useful for building or modifiying a region.
Specifing a Player name is optional.



/rgtp reload Forces the plugin to get new data from the config file. regiontp.reload



  • Teleport players upon entering a WorldGuard region
  • Multiple region support
  • Muliverse compatible
  • Permissions support
  • Region Blacklist

Future Features

  • Permission per region 
  • Accept/Deny messages (custom set via conf.yml)
  • None found


Version 0.0.2 (Current)

  • Built on CraftBukkit-1.12.2
  • Repaired Permissions
  • Implemented region blacklist
  • Added ability to list all monitored regions
  • Toggle teleportation of self/others
  • Delete regions

Version 0.0.1

  • Complete rewrite of code
  • Built on CraftBukkit-1.12.2
  • Multi-world support
  • Multiple region support
  • Added ability to list all monitored regions


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