Allows players to buy or rent chosen WorldGuard-regions from the server. Super easy to set up and highly adjustable! Great to set up towns with different areas; you can define a marketplace with small, only rentable plots, an area for premium-members only and a lot of other districts.


  • None, area and volume based price calculation |
  • Inheritance system allowing to manipulate settings global, world-wide, region-wide (parents) and region-specific |
  • Region-limits for players, group-specific region limits |
  • Optional permissions for regions & whole areas
  • Optional taxes
  • Very easy sign-connection-system, no region-names on the signs, auto-updating
  • Language support
  • Region rebuilding (Even non-cuboid regions!)
  • Benefit from WorldGuard's well-rounded region-system
  • Integration of other plugins

! Info - Development halted


Hello everybody,

This is Tobias aka Phoenix, the developer of this project. I am sad to inform you that RegionForSale, just like the Bukkit project, is pretty much dead nowadays. I do not like the fact that Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and, even though I respect the company, I cannot see how the spirit of Minecraft fits in there at all. Shame on you for selling, Notch! I do not care about the money involved. But this game, no matter how much profit it generates, belongs into the hands of loving, independent developers (Just like Bukkit – love you guys). My opinion. To be fair: My interest shifted in general as well. So overall, I am not willing to work on this project for free anymore.

Q: What about security updates / bugfixes?
A: I will do my best to still fix those and upload a new version for you. I do not want to let you down.

Q: Will you continue if I donate xx dollar?
A: Probably not. Please try to estimate the time I spend and apply a horrific minimal wage – I am sure you still do not want to pay that. Yes, it’s quite some time. I still want to thank you very much for the few donations I received up to this point. Developing was fun and I was so very euphoric when I received my first donation. I still remember quite well. Not to forget about the many supportive comments and “thank you”s I received despite the money.


Required Plugins


Videos in other languages:
German - Very basic
German (RFS v0.1 - outdated)



RegionForSale provides an automatic update checker to let you get informed as soon as a new version is available. If you do not want to use this feature you can set check_for_updates to false in the general.yml config file.


  • Quick-set options on signs
  • Give users, who rented a region, the possibility to buy it (without unrenting + possible rebuilding). The other way round would be retarded - Tell me if you don't think so.
  • Auto-updater for minor updates (?)


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If you want to report a bug or suggest a new feature, please create a ticket instead. These are the reasons why:

  • You will always see the status of your request
  • Others can easily see if something was already requested
  • The discussion about it is separated from other comments
  • Your request can't be simply overlooked or forgotten


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