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Region Titles - Latest version 1.4

This is a lightweight way for servers to display a region upon entering in a nice graphical way by using Titles as released on 1.8. It requires a couple plugins to work fully though, but seamlessly integrates.

Version 1.3+ now supports Towny and Factions.

  • Please delete your Config.yml file before running a 1.3+ version if you have a pre-1.3 version.
  • Pre-1.3 version will have their Regions.yml files updated to give the option to provide independent Title and Subtitle by WorldGuard region.

Compatible MC Versions?

  • Works on 1.8 Bukkit or Spigot

What is required?

  • Nothing, although without one of the below, it is not very useful
  • Hooks into Towny, Factions and WorldGuard to tell player when they enter one of the zones setup in those plugins


How does it work?

  • Drop and play, really.
  • Plugin will auto-detect WorldGuard regions and hook into Towny or Factions

Config Options?

Most removed for simplicity

  • Towny.configFile: english.yml (change if yours is different)
  • onLeave: true/false (tell Player when they have entered Wilderness)
  • titleText / subtitleText colors (choose what color to display for zone titles)


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