Change Logs

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Change Logs


  • Fixed: Fixed mysql "Operation not allowed after ResultSet closed" error;

Version 6.4.3:

  • Added: New claim mode give: Instead to remove, keep or drop, will give back the protection blocks to player is claiming the region. If full inventory, all will drop on player location;
  • Added: Option to player decide what mode use on claim a region with protection blocks. New option on config.yml(click here to go for line). With this option enabled, the player need to put on line 4 of sign, the mode with [], like [give]. Support translation too :) see the lang file for mode strings.
  • Added: Server protection option to deny usage of certain itens on server in RPs or all world. More info click here!
  • Added: New server-protection option to teleport player on join/leave server to specific location (on config file) with actual player world verification, more info click here!
  • Added: Added back support for protection blocks in different y positions (one block under other);
  • Added: (beta) New flag forcepvp. This is beta and hook with pvpmanager. If this flag is not set, nothing will happen, and if is set will activete the player pvp mode based on true/false state of this flag. On player leave the region with this flag, the pvp mode will return state before enter that region;
  • Changed: Changed dependencyies: BossBarApi - Now using the new BossBarApi from SpigotMC. MyPet - Added support to new builds of MyPet starting from 1.2.5+;
  • Trying: Think mysql errors fixed, need tests;
  • Improved: Compatibility with more types of mods for forge/KCauldron. List on main page;

Version 6.4.2:

  • Added: Hook with Dynmap. All regions will show as cuboid with name and icon on map. More infoe click here!

Version 6.4.1:

  • Fixed: Default flags permissions;
  • Fixed: Listing command for regions of default owner (#server#);
  • Changed: Blank signs will not showed on signspy;

Version 6.4.0:

  • Added: FIXED KCauldron compatibility!
  • Added: Player flag flow-damage to allow/deny liquids to damage blocks on flow;
  • Added: Language ZH-CN to plugin;
  • Added: Strings customization for SignSpy;
  • Changes: A lot of changes on FlagGui:
  • Possibility to use new layouts on Flag Gui:
  • Added command /rp flag gui-edit [lines-to-add](optional) to edit the position of item flags and add lines do Gui. The permission is redprotect.gui.edit, or redprotect.admin;
  • Fixed player allowing to get Gui items;
  • Gui name can now be translated;
  • Added custom separators to Gui, with data to use colors;
  • Changed: Configuration region-settings>claim-amount-per-world changed to region-settings>claim-amount;
  • Changes: On logs system;

Version 6.3.7:

  • Added: Changed the command /rp define to /rp claim. The claim will create a region with the player as owner, and the define command will create a region with server as owner, and the server nick is defined on config file;
  • Added: A new command /rp settp/deltp to set/remove the teleport location for /rp tp. If you use /rp deltp, the command /rp tp will work normally like before, teleporting to the center of region;
  • Added: Option to define the effects flag duration on config file;
  • Added: Log files for all commands executed by players;
  • Added: More sizes of inventory for Gui Flags;
  • Improvements: Player listener event improvement, chest check improvement, changed protection for Dragon Egg, Egg usage and Bed enter to players who canBuild only and no more from chest flag;
  • Fixed: Owners of regions can open and break private members chests;
  • Fixed: Some Creators and Owners of regions displayed as null;
  • Removed: Example world strings on lists in config files;

Version 6.3.6:

  • Added: Log files to register all events and command of Redprotect. Can be disabled on config.yml;
  • Added: Check if the server support "JSON" events, and if not, will disable the Hover and Cliking features of region listing;
  • Fixed: RP sign protection problem;

Version 6.3.5:

  • Fixed: UTF-8 code changed color codes;
  • Fixed: Command /rp ymlTomysql not creating the Mysql tables;

  • Added: Added Hover function and Teleport to region when click on region name of the /rp list (with "own" or "admin" tp permissions): Hover and teleport to region
  • Added: Configuration option to enable/disable Hover and Click events on /rp list to be compatible with cauldron;
  • Fixed: Fly flag will not affect player with creative/spectator gamemodes, and now will persist(bugfix);
  • Updated: Language files, and internal coding to UTF-8;

Version 6.3.4:

  • Added: Admin flags gamemode and can-fly;
  • Fixed: Correct permission for "/rp flag" to show flag GUI. The permission is redprotect.admin.flaggui;
  • Fixed: Blocks will blow up with player flag fire on true;
  • Fixed: Deny player to interact with DragonEgg if not member of region;
  • Fixed: Fully working protection to private chests against explosions;

Version 6.3.3:

  • Added: New Admin flags "player-damage" and "can-hunger" to deny any type of damage for players and deny hunger;
  • Improved: Protection method, and limitation to only squared regions, to deny bypass other regions and break the server with infinite loop;
  • Removed: RedStone option to protect the region, now only solid blocks are valid to protect the regions;
  • Fixed: Another fix on Limit system;
  • Changed: Sign Spy now show the "[rp]" too, and any other "[]" signs;
  • Added: Language strings to add more details to error messages, like position of region overlapping and the max limit per region. Update PT-BR language file too;

Version 6.3.2:

  • Added: Configuration option to colorize the name of world on /rp info and listing;
  • Changed: The command /rp list now will show only the name of regions by worlds, and the name of regions on /rp info have the color of world;
  • Added: Command /rp border to show the borders of region;
  • Changed: Better way to check private chests and no more bug and not hoppers under private chests(bug);
  • Fixed: Protection for private chests when tnt and other explosions;
  • Added: (API) New regions methods, and more javadocs;
  • Fixed: Bug when pvp if off on region and players try to hit other player with mcmmo unarmed skill and blood effect to hurt other player;
  • Fixed: Bug if players inherits more than one limit permission. Now if theres more than one perm for limit, will the max value of limit;
  • Added: Hook with GriefPrevention, to convert all regions from GriefPrevention to RedProtect;

Version 6.3.0:

  • Changed: Moved the flag mob-loot from Admin Flags to Player Flag;
  • Fixed: A bug (again) that allow player to create rps under other rps. Back because new y system, but fixed now;
  • Fixed: Region values now will show the entire number, and not letters and numbers (If using mysql, need to change the database collumn from "Double" to "Long" on table "region");

Version 6.2.0:

  • Added: Admin Flag mob-loot, to deny monsters do modify/damage blocks on rps, like withers and endermans;
  • Fixed: Removed vertical check on player create region with normal method (using fence or redstone) to deny server crash on create big rps;
  • Fixed: Default permissions for new flags;
  • Removed: Config option regions-settings > max-heigth, now regions will allways set to max height allowed using player protection method (fences or redstone);

Version 6.1.0:

  • Added: New Commands /rp setmaxy [region] [world] and /rp setminy [region] [world], to allow more than one region of different owners in same horizontal location, but different vertical positions, like apartments. Not possible when using fences to protect, and to set max and min y using wand tool, need to set false on configuration file, on option "region-settings" > "autoexpandvert-ondefine: true";
  • Added: New Command /rp expand-vert [region] [world] to set max vert. to max allowed and min vert. to 0;
  • Added: New Admin Flag can-projectiles to deny any type of projectiles to be launched on regions;
  • Removed: Dead Codes...;

More explained info about this new config option here:
New commands here:
New flag here:

Version 6.0.1:

  • Added: New Player Flag smart-door, to allow players with door permission to open Iron Door/Trapdoor without redstone and iron/wooden double doors;
  • Added: Admin Flags allow-place and allow-break, to allow or deny player without build permissions place or break specific blocks;
  • Added: Config option language: EN-US to define independent language files, and load embed language files (actually only PT-BR). If you set to "PT-BR", this file will be copied to plugin folder;
  • Fixed: Bug when players clicking fast on doors can enter without door permissions;
  • Fixed: Gui Flag itens not glowing on Spigot/Bukkit 1.8.8 version, and improved "guiconfig.yml" to define a slot for gui flag items;
  • Changed: Internal systems for cauldron, to build permissions only affect MOD objects;
  • Added: I think is fixed Mysql error because "world" database didnt found or no connection;

Version 5.9.0:

  • Fixed: L-shaped regions can overlap another regions;
  • Fixed: Automatic fix for regions disapearing because bad priority, like two regions with priority 0 in the same location.
  • Fixed: A glitch that allows player open [private] chest if theres other inventory block placed near the private chest.
  • Fixed: Player not allowed to ride owned pets in other player rps(MyPet);

On 5.8.0:

  • Added: Flag "can-pet" and changed flag "death-back" to "can-back" to deny any type of beck, and not only on death;

Version 5.7.0:

  • Added: Configuration option to show all lines of placed signs by players. Good to see if player are puting server ips or ads. More here: Server Protection
  • Fixed: Skeletons dropd item frame itens with arrows;
  • Fixed: Bleed bug with mcmmo plugin. Players using Serrated Attack ability to kill passive mobs on protected regions;

Version 5.6.0:

  • Added: Configuration option to deny players with same name and diferent capitalization to login on server. Only the first loged name and capitalization will be authorized to login. Only for cracked servers running with Essentials Plugin. More here: Server Protection
  • Added: Admin Flags allow-cmds and deny-cmds, to deny commands as whitelist, or only block specific commands to be used. More here: Admin Flags
  • Added: Warn message for first created region, to warn player about command like /sethome or othes command to back to your regions if lost;
  • Fixed: Players without permission on region "break" fire blocks, and members/onwers put fire with fire flag off;
  • Fixed: Message when Pets attack players and show error message for "mplistener.cantattack.players" string;


  • Fixed: Player with name lenght equals 16 on [Private] signs not protecting or not allowing player to open/break the sign;

Version 5.5.6:

  • Fixed: I think fixed errors when using Mysql as database;
  • Fixed: Problem with long names on rp gui title and clic out of inventory causing errors on console;

Version 5.5.5:

  • Fixed: Fixed error on use /rp flag on Cauldron and 1.7.x versions;

Version 5.5.4:

  • Added: Admin Flags portal-enter, portal-exit and allow-create-portal, to manage portal enter, exit and creation;
  • Fixed: Removed attributes on /rp flag gui for weapons, like swords, and without any additional dependencies;

Version 5.5.3:

  • Fixed: IMPORTANT: Wrong configuration for enter on regions;
  • Added: Command /rp list-all to list all region on console(console only);

Version 5.5.2:

  • Added: Added Admin flag deny-enter-items, to deny players with specific itens and armors on inventory to enter on regions;
  • Added: Added Admin flag allow-enter-items, to allow players with only specific itens on inventory to enter on regions, other itens on inventory will not allow to enter on region with this flag, including armor;
  • Added: Configuration option nether-portal-across-regions to deny players to across nether portal if the other side is in other players region;
  • Fixed: Private signs outside regions not working;

Version 5.5.1:

  • Improved: The Admin flag allow-mod, to allow interaction with forge mod machines and itens on regions, like spawn;
  • Added: Global flags break-blocks and place-blocks to allow place/break only for listed blocks if the global flag build is false (per world);
  • Added: Global flag interact to allow players to interact with blocks where flag build is false (per world);
  • Added: Configuration option on region-settings to disable/enable specific default flags. The default value will be used instead. Default flags not listed here will not be showed on /rp flag and cant be changed. Good for server where are not Monsters (suggestion), then you can remove the spawn-monsters flag from Gui;
  • Added: Configuration option to use block ID for private signs, and now supporting any block and any container mod block. *Blocks added in this list will be acessible if the flag chest is true, and without private sign;
  • Added: Configuration option on region-settings to define sign tag allowed for any player usage, like ChestShop signs, with option to use the region member or player name as tag, like shops from members of a region;
  • Added: Configuration option on server-protection to deny some commands usage on specific worlds;
  • Added: Language strings for true and false translations;
  • Fixed: (I think) spawn of Skeleton where monsters are not allowed to spawn;
  • Fixed: Player allowed to get itens from FlagGui;
  • Fixed: Fixed ops not added to sell region exception player list on configuration file;
  • Fixed: Passive flag protection for IronGolens and SnowGolens;
  • Changed: If you set the lang message to "" (or no message) will disable the message. (Only if the message has no variables with {}
  • Changed: BlockBreak, BlackPlace and PlayerInteractEvent will run before other plugins events, to deny any type of unautorized interaction from other plugins, like rain invokers and explosive snowballs;

Version 5.4.7:

  • Added: Interaction compatibility with Cauldron itens. Only owners and members of the region can interact with any MOD block or machines inside region;
  • Added: New admin flag "allow-mod" to allow players interact with MOD blocks and machines if this player isn't a member of region. Recommended to use on public regions like Spawn with public mod machines like Pixelmon;
  • Changed: The message on save yml files now only will be showed on debug mode;

Version 5.4.6:

  • Added: Option to use IDs for private blocks. The option is "private > allowed-blocks-use-ids: false";
  • Fixed: Fix few errors on Lockette compatiblity;
  • Fixed: Fix some errors with Cauldron (not all);
  • Changed: When using sell command, now by default the owner of region to sell will be the creator, and not the player using the command;

Version 5.4.5:

  • Fixed: The "Ghost" region when rename a region;
  • Fixed: Using infoWand, show the uuid if the player isn't owner;
  • Added: The method "renameRegion(Region region, String newName)" to API;
  • Removed: The method region.setName();
  • Added: Translation for "true/false" strings. See "guiconfig.yml" and "lang.ini"

Version 5.4.4:

  • Added: Hook with PvPManager: Added admin flag pvparena, to deny player with "/pvp off" to enter or stay inside PVP Arenas. Aditionally, you can configure the action for player with /pvp off inside this regions. By default, the player will teleported to spawn;
  • Added: Option to disable rename of region on buy/sell;
  • Fixed: Possible incompatibility with Lockette;

Version 5.4.3:

  • Fixed: The command /rp buy for premium servers and /rp info showing UUIDs of players;
  • Added: All documentation for Economy system. The catalog still not implemented. See on RedProtect WIKI
  • Added: Commands to check limit and claimlimit from console. Use /rp ? to see all commands from console;
  • Fixed: Errors on player consume item, trown potions, and on use /rp flag with bukkit version before 1.8.3;

Version 5.4.2:

  • Added: (ALPHA/EXPERIMENTAL) Command to sell/buy region and appropriates permissions to use. By default, normal players dont have the perms to any economy command; No information about new commands and permissions on wiki at the moment; If you want to test this commands and see the help with /rp ?, you need to be an OP or give the permission; VAULT PLUGIN NEEDED
  • Added: Delay for "tp" command to not allow moving players and getting hurt player dont teleport;
  • Added: Economy API for other plugins manage the Redprotect Economy. Javadocs included;
  • Fixed: Finally fixed the problem with itemframes and the flag fire!
  • Changed: The permissions for claim limit and blocks limit now are:
  • - For blocks are redprotect.limit.blocks.<amount> or redprotect.limit.blocks.unlimited;
  • - For claim more RPs are redprotect.limit.claim.<amount> or redprotect.limit.claim.unlimited;

Version 5.4.1:

  • Fixed: On item consume, return null error;
  • Fixed: Pet with null owner return error on attack Armor Stands (Pets from Plugins);
  • Fixed: Other minor changes;

Version 5.4.0:

  • Added: Starting work on RedProtect Economy: For now, you can only use the command /rp value to calculate the value of a region based on build-in economy values (configurable on economy.yml). For next versions will be implemented sell/buy system and automatic sell abandoned regions. Theres a default area size limitation to use this command. You can configure the size on economy.yml too;
  • Added: The parameter [playerName] on command /rp tp. The full help command has changed to /rp tp [playerName] <regionName> [world], and allow usage from console too;
  • Added: Multi-commands to execute on NetherYProtection;
  • Fixed: The command /rp flag not working on minecraft version 1.7. The itens will not glow on 1.7(Bukkit limitation);

Version 5.3.7:

  • Added: Hook with MagicCarpet:
    • Player Flag (with Gui support, need to configure on guiconfig.yml) magic-carpet to change allow/deny players with MagicCarpet to enter in your region;
    • Only owners can walk with MC activated on region, members depend of flag state;
    • The permission is redprotect.flag.magic-carpet, but already given if you give the perm redprotect.flag.all. OP has the perm as default;
  • Changed: The flag mcmmo now work with flag up-skills, to deny both skill up by McMMo and SkillAPI;
  • Added: Hook with SkillAPI:
    • Any Skill Level UP and Skill GAin will be cancelled if the flag up-skills is set and false, othewise, will be allowed;
  • Added: New config option deny-playerdeath-by to deny damage or death this causes. The list of damagecauses can be found here: Clique aqui!
  • Changed: Code to try avoid related to Mysql reconnect;

Version 5.3.6:

  • Added: Claim limit system:
    • Command /rp claimlimit [playername] to see the own (or other player) limit available to claim more RPs in actual world.
    • Config option claim-amount-per-world: -1 to define a default limit.
    • Permission to define a claim limit per groups: redprotect.claim.limit.<limitNumber>
  • Improved: Mysql connection handler:
    • RedProtect will try to connect every 15 seconds if lost connection. On enable, if theres wrong Mysql configuration, the plugin will not disable anymore, and you can do a /rp reload command to try again.
    • Added the command /rp ymlTomysql to help for console usage.
  • Added: More criteries to deny mobspawn on region where mobs and animals is not allowed to spawn;
  • Added: Boat to globalflag allow-minecart;
  • Added: Added blocks "stone, grass and dirt" allowed to break with flag minefarm enabled;

Version 5.3.5:

  • Added: Piston events to deny players whitout permission to puch/take blocks from a protected region;
  • Added: Performance options:
    • Option to disable "onPlayerMoveEvent", but the flags depending of this event will not work like "deny-enter", "execute-commands", "effects", and notifications on enter/exit regions.
    • Option to didable PistonEvents, but this can allow player to push/get blocks from protected regions to unprotected witout permission.
  • * Fixed: Fix reload command canceling other plugins tasks;

Version 5.3.4:

  • Fixed: Fixed Other crops not protected by RPs like potatoes and carrots;
  • Fixed: Fixed the command /rp wand giving infinite grass bootles (or the wand item);

Version 5.3.2:

  • Fixed: Error on hit no tamed Horses;
  • Fixed: Few adjusts on Mysql database; (No errors or bugs?)

Version 5.3.1:

  • CHANGED: A total rebuild on "config.yml", but dont worry, your old "config.yml" will be copyed to "configBKP.yml" to you copy your actual settings into this new "config.yml". Heres the new configutation file!;
  • Added: FINALLY Mysql system! The mysql system works with cache system and new configurations options has added to control cache time for unload regions where are no players avoiding memory leaks. All modifications on regions is updated in real time into Mysql database!!
  • Added: New command "/rp ymlToMysql" to convert all your "yml" database to "Mysql". After a sucessfull upgrade, the plugin will reload and will be ready to work with mysql. Before use this command: Insert your Mysql DB settings into "config.yml" but set the "file-type" to "yml", then use this command!
  • Fixed: Bucket fill on non regions;

Version 5.2.3:

  • Added: Event for enter/exit regions to use as api;
  • Fixed: Tamed pets can't be interacted with your owners in other rps.

Version 5.2.2:

  • Added: Auto updater.

Version 5.2.1:

Version 5.2.0:

  • Improved: Commands now have descriptions and help pages more intuitive and allowing translations.
  • Fixed: Bug reported in this comment/ticket.
  • Added: Command /rp load-all, to load all regions from files in RedProtect/data/. This allow you to change the region offline and load changes ingame without reload,restart your server. WARNING: Thi action rewrite any in-game changes on regions and load all from files! remember to use /rp save-all before change the files offline.
  • Changed: The name of internal package, and all plugins using the API need to update the dependency too.

Version 5.1.0:

  • Added: The amazing visual gui to easly manage the flag values, custom messages and glowing itens if the flags is true! To use the, the command is /rp panel and the permission is redprotect.own.panel to open own region gui and redprotect.admin.panel to open any region gui. This permission is granted to player by default. Take a look: RPGUI
  • Fixed: Importat fix to use potion on zombie vilagers. Now you need only to set the flag "spawn-monsters" to true to transform a zombie vilager to vilager.
  • Fixed: Grass grownt for GlobalFlags;

Version 5.0.0:

  • Added: Finally implemented Purge System. Based on actual date of regions, will remove all regions of player has not visited or not loged in a specific days away from server. See the new configuration options HERE at the end of file. The purge system comes disabled by default!
  • Added: Scheduler to save the database each time period, defined on configuration file;
  • Fixed: Protections for containers without sign [private];
  • Fixed: Arrows breaking armor stands;
  • Fixed/Added: Non members of region can't throw potions inside regions, and/if throw the potion has no effect.

Version 4.6.8:

  • Added: Admin Flag "death-back" to deny players to use /back command after dead inside regions;
  • Added: Normal Flag "allow-home" to allow players to use /sethome or /home inside regions. Normal player can change this;
  • Added: Global Flag "use-minecart" to allow player to use minecart where are no regions and the globalflag "build" is false;
  • Fixed: Fix egg trowning in protected regions;

Version 4.6.7:

  • Added: Admin Flag "mcmmo" to deny leveling and skill abillity usage in regions;
  • Fixed: Command "copyflag" using the same values all time(and not only coping) from other regions;
  • Changed: On API, the method "getRegion(Location)" will return the top region if theres more regions in this location;
  • Suggestions to add hooks with other plugins? Use the comments ;)

Version 4.6.6:

  • Added: Admin flag "enderpearl" to deny player to use enderparls in protected regions;
  • Added: Option "hide" for welcome message to hide region informations when enter/exit region; The options are "<message/off/hide>".
  • Fixed: Using infoTool, only the members of region se the complete info about region. Others players see only the name and the creator of region.
  • Fixed: Finally solved the problem with "effects" flag;

Version 4.6.5:

  • Added: Admin Flags "Sign" and "Enter". Sign to increase compatibility with some sign plugins, if you use ChestShop ou ExpBanks in signs, you need to set true this flag. Flag Enter is to deny or allow player to enter in a region;
  • Fixed: Effects from flag effetcs still on player change world teleport (trying again);
  • Fixed: New debug messages causing erros on new events, like "BlockIgniteEvent".
  • Fixed: Other fixes and improvements;

Version 4.6.3:

  • Fixed: Errors reported on comments;
  • Fixed: Blocks taking fire around lava with flag fire false;
  • Fixed: Effects from flag effetcs still on player change world teleport;

Version 4.6.2:

  • Fixed: Definitive fix for world create/load with Multiverse-Core and other worlds creators(100% in my tests) using Craftbukkit and Spigot 1.8.1 or .3. If you use Caldron, please, continue reporting errors to fix. :)

Version 4.6.0:

  • Added: Flag MINECART: Allow non members to place/break and enter on Minecarts/Boats in a protected region. Use /rp flag and [TAB] to see all.
  • Added: Flag EFFECTS is fully working and added to amdin flags. Use /rp flag and [TAB] to see all.
  • Added: Whitelist for worlds. You can choose what worlds players can claim regions without deny build and place blocks. See the config file to get the changes.
  • Fixed: Fire spread by lava (fire ignition);

Version 4.5.0:

  • Added: New command: /rp copyflag <regionNameFrom> <regionNameTo> - To be easy creation of regions and copy flags from one region to other region.
  • Added: New command: /rp save-all - To force save all new regions for all worlds into database.
  • Added: You can customize the allowed blocks or containers to be locked with "[private]" signs. See the config.yml when run this version.
  • Fixed: Need test with other servers: Problem when load or create new worlds with Multiverse and other world generators plugins.

Version 4.4.0:

  • Added: New admin flags: "treefarm" and "minefarm" - Allow players to take only ore blocks or tree and leaves blocks in a protected region. Other interactions will be cancelled like build and break other blocks.
  • Fixed: "NoClassDefFoundError: org/bukkit/entity/FishHook" reported on comments.

Version 4.3.0:

  • Added: Global flags for wildness regions of world. The file with default flags will be created on plugin folder;
  • Added: Nether protection: This will deny player to bypass bedrock and build under nether bedrock. You can define the size of nether, and command to use for player bypassing the nether bedrock;
  • Added: Flag Invincible: With this flag enabled on region, any type of passive entity will not take any damage, including pets and MyPet pets.
  • Experimental: Flag EFFECTS: On player enter region, will take the defined effects, on exit, clear the effect. This is the usage: "/rp flag effects SPEED 2,JUMP 3" separeted by commas if more than one.
  • Fixed: Some regions not saved because file-type problens. Now only yml will be used. All you database will be converted to yml and a backup will be created.

Version 4.1.0:

  • Removed: Title support for enter/exit regions to be compatible with any version of 1.8 and 1.7;
  • Added: Added placeholder "{region}" to use the region name on flags enter & exit commands;
  • Fixed: Command setconfig write wrong value if used from console;

Version 4.0.0:


  • Improved: RedProtect now is RedProtect World!
  • Improved: Flags system totally recoded for easy addiction of new flags and custom flags (API);
  • Improved: All commands can be completed using TAB, and flags too;
  • Improved: Added API for custom flags and allow custom plugins to get/set regions and flags, with javadoc included;
  • Added: New flags to execute commands on enter/exit regions and execute as player or as console. See the Guide Page
  • Improved: Put the plugin and run! A backup will be created and your database will be updated to new format (4.0.0).
  • Added: New permissions and changed permissions for new flags and new names for old flags. See Permissions Page
  • Improved: Recoded the commands define. redefine and and sign protections to set always the correct priority, needed to use with new flags.

Version 3.6.2:

  • Fixed: Flag fire deny block damage by fire but dont deny fire spread!

Version 3.6.1:

  • Added/Fixed: Protection and [private] for TRAPPED CHEST (Sorry);

Version 3.6.0:

  • Added: NEW FLAG: "/rp flag spawnpassives" - To deny/allow spawn of passive mobs.
  • Added: New config option to choose where the plugin will show the welcome messages, separated of enter/exit messages. See the config page;
  • Added: The plugin will now make a backup on every database update for new features(like new flags). The backup folder will be named as "backupUpdate" and the version of Redprotect, to you back to the working if you have problems.

Version 3.5.1:

  • Fixed: Null checks for uuids and player has never played before on server! The plugin will ignore this players and the regions will still as same.
  • Fixed: Some commands with 3 argumments not working(/rp list <player> <page>);
  • Added: On load, console show the file type for database;

Version 3.5.0:

  • Added: NEW Configuration option for database storation: "yml"(uncompressed), including write in UTF-8;
  • Added: Tool/Command to convert from "oosgz"(.regions) database to ".yml" files(readable) and from "yml" to "oosgz"(compressed);
  • Some Fixes: Removed all other database options; Improving Mysql to future use; Code cleaned;

WARNING - Using convertions tool will write/erase all data where database is transfered TO!
E.g. If you is using "/rp oos-to-yml", all yml database will be writed whit new data, and vice-versa;

New commands:

rp oos-to-ymlTransfer all data from oosgz to yml filesuse only from console
rp yml-to-oosTransfer all data from yml to oosgszfilesuse only from console

Version 3.4.1:

  • Fixed: Command /setconfig not write "integer" as "integer" on config file;
  • Fixed: Titles show one time only when entering in a region;
  • Fixed: Wrong "/rp define" argumments, now you need to use only "/rp define" or "/rp define [regionname]";
  • Fixed: Servers running 1.7 search for "packet class" from 1.8
  • Fixed: Fixes when using RP+ with UUIDs(Premium servers);

Version 3.4.0:

  • Fixed: Titles showing UUIDs instead owners names;
  • Added: InGame and Console commands to change configuration without need to change directly on file. Dont need to reload.

New Coomands and perms:

/rp setconfig listSee all changeable configurations sectionsredprotect.admin
/rp setconfig <configSection> <value>Change a specified config valueredprotect.admin

Version 3.3.0:

  • Added: Enter notifications using TITLES - See an example: Titles
  • Fixed: /rp list dont show own regions;

Version 3.2.0:

  • Fixed: Console errors caused by MyPet dependecy;

Version 3.1.0:

Backup your database to prevent any data loss

  • Added: SUPPORT FOR OFFLINE SERVERS - The database do not will be touched, and the validations still with player names!
  • Fixed: Command /rp limit always return 0;
  • Fixed: On add offline player causes error! Now to add an OffLine player, this player need to have joined before on server, or you will get "Unknow" player message.
  • Fixed: Random player added as owner when create new regions;


  1. If your server is in offline mode, never turn to ONLINE MODE if you dont want to use in this mode forever
  2. Changing to ONLINE MODE your database will be converted to UUIDs and cannot be downgraded to playernames again!

Version 3.0.0:


  • Added: Finally UUID support is ready, but with important notes:
  • Fully tested, stable and working ONLY on PREMIUM SERVERS;
  • If you still on Cracked server, DONT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION!
  • The only changes in this version is the UUID support and other fixes;
  • The conversion to UUID can take some time because the plugin will get UUID from names using Mojang API;

Version 2.7.8:

  • Added: Hook with MyPet plugin! Now pets can't break Armor Stands and cant attack passive mobs/players inside regions where the petowner is not member or not owner.
    <sub>Tested with MyPet plugin version 1.2.1 for Spigot 1.8 from here!</sub>

Version 2.7.7:

  • Fix: ItemFrames drop items when shoot by arrows, or Fishing rod;\
  • Fix: Errors on console if pets from MyPet attack ArmorStand*.
    <sub>*MyPet pets still breaking the ArmorStands and killing animals inside RPs</sub>

Version 2.7.6:

  • addition Full Support for both Spigot/Bukkit 1.7 and 1.8;
  • addition Protection against lightining. Some plugins give the /zeus power for player, and now protected regions give aditional protection for summoned lightnings. This feature is under flag "fire", because lightning is like a explosion.
  • addition Added command to convert all regions from plugin "MyChunk" to RedProtect. The command is "/rp mychunkconvert" and need be op to use (or console). On start the server, Redprotect will detect and hook, and will show you the command again!
  • addition Now players can use any type of fences and fence gates to protect your regions.
  • fixed Drop type now work as spected.
  • Some fixes and improvementes.
  • IMPORTANT: Changes on configuration (if you already use the plugin).
    • The section "block-id" now use struct with "REDSTONE" ou "FENCE"! Change this on your config file;
    • Added new option to enable/disable the built-in private protection for chests and containers;
    • See the new config file here: Click me

Version 2.7.5:

  • addition Start support for 1.7.9 (still on 1.8 too);
  • Improved "redefine" command;


Version 2.7.4:

  • New command: "/rp tp <regionName>", and following 2 new permissions:
  1. -
  2. -
  • New permissions Groups and suggested group usage:
    description: "Recommended Vip permissions."
    default: op
      redprotect.user: true true
      redprotect.unlimited: true
    description: "Recommended Ranked permissions."
    default: op
      redprotect.user: true
      redprotect.limit.amount.10000: true

Version 2.7.3:

  • The commands "/rp define" and "/rp redifine" now work as spected.
  • Added command argumment for limit: "/rp limit [player]" - Only for online players.
  • New admin permission to see others limits: redprotect.other.limit; The permissions are in Permissions Nodes page!
  • Important changes on language file, and updated langBR.ini too. (If you already use RedProtect, i recommend you to remove the old and leave the plugin generate a new one)
  • Added version checker for language file. A console notification will appear if you have an old lang version file.

Version 2.7.2:

  • Build limit are restricted only for main regions (and single regions)! If a player create child regions, this regions will not affect the total limit available for that player.
  • Added new commands:
  1. /rp wand - To give Magic Wand.
  2. /rp define - To create new region from 2 points set by Magic Wand.
  3. /rp redefine - To rezise a region from 2 points set by Magic Wand. The permissions are in Permissions Nodes page!

Version 2.7.1:

  • A first time converter for old database regions (from 2.6 and above);
  • Added wilderness message when a player exit a region;
  • Improved Player limit to build regions: Now you can set the permission "redprotect.limit.amount.<limit>" to assign own limit for player or group. If you dont set this permission, plugin will use the "limit-amount" value on config file;
  • Now players can have more than 100 protected regions (lol);
  • Removed optional dependency "Vault";

Version 2.7:

  • BUGFIX: No more Beta and various fixes from beta, like some regions hiden, child region with same priority and noame of region dont appear on signs.
  • ADDED: Date of last visit of an Owner or Member to a region. In the future will be used for purge regions.
  • Improved priority system. When create a child region, if the child is bigger than main, will get negative priority, and if low size, get positive priority.
  • Fully working new flags Flow and Fire, more about flags on Guide.

Version 2.6:

  • Backup your database (or save your actual database backups) before use this version! This version will convert all DB to new to add new flags!
  • ADDED: New flags: "Flow" and "Fire".
  • Flow - To deny water and lava flow inside region, and from outside with no region(or child region) to inside protected region.
  • Fire - To deny firespread and fire damage.
  • ADDED: Protection for Itemframes and Paintings from all explosions. This protection is automatic if a region exists.

Version 2.5:

  • BIG UPDATE: This is the City update!
  • Now you can create regions inside other regions with priority control, and automatic assing priorities for inner regions.
  • Check if the player id owner of inner regions when create outher regions.
  • Inner regions are totally independent, and player can create other inner regions(inside yours) and can delete own inner regions.
  • Some fixes and code clean.
  • Update lanBR.ini with new lines.

Version 2.4.1:

  • ADDED: Created a Guide - How to Use to help players and server owners to use all features of plugin.
  • NEW COMMAND: /rp welcome <message> - To set a welcome message when players enter in a region. For more see here: Guide - How to Use
  • Fix and improved code, and some fixes from version 1.9.

Version 2.4:

  • ADDED: Notifications when players enter on RP regions.
  • Optional dependency for show the notification on BossBar(Need BossbarAPI).
  • FIX: /rp list without permission for use to see own players regions.
  • Wrong strings for /rp tutorial.
  • NEW CONFIG FILE VERSION: See new lines here!

Version 2.3.2:

  • ADDED: Option to protect Containers outside RP regions. New option on config file: allow-private-outside: false
  • ADDED: Option to activate protection "Anti-Hopper" to deny break or place hoppers under chests. New option on config file: anti-hopper: false
  • Fix players with name on 3 and 4 lines(not owner of chest) can break the chest.
  • The lang.ini is automatic updated, but if you already use RedProtection you need to add new configuration in config.ini

Version 2.3.1:

  • BUGFIX: Fix for container protection with signs: When you place a sign in a not container(or you is not in front of the container), now the sign will drop!

Version 2.3:

  • BUGFIX: When place Paintings in a non RP region, get error on console.
  • ADDED: Own protection for chests, furnaces, hoppers, dispensers and droppers for this items inside reginos;
    - This is good if you add more players on your region and want your chests to be private for you;
    - To use this, put a sign on your container with "[private]" on first line, and add more players to allow to use on lines 3 and 4;
    - If you remove the region, all is unprotected;
    - You can personalize the line for protection to use the same signs from other protection plugin(like Lockette) to port from/to;

Version 2.2:

  • Added full multilanguage support, then you can translate ANYTHING!;
  • Solved black region name when created new regions (Spigot 1.8);
  • Full support for old regions, from old version of redProtect;
  • Solved from last version: Owners and members of a region can't interact with horses and armour stand not completly protected;
  • Refactor various commands to show the information more organized;
  • Added pages for /rp list.

Version 2.1:

  • Can protect all 1.8 blocks, including all doors, new blocks, rabitts & armor stands;
  • Added reload command, including usage for console;
  • Now can protect Horses, ItemFrames been stolen using fishing rod and bows, and deny crops tramplings for non members of a region (Buged on latest build);
  • Using only one file for configs and flags, now with .yml for better and easy configuration;

Version 2.0:

  • Added protection to Crps, when players jumps under crop farm in a protected area;
  • Added support to Horses. Horses cant be clicked and mounted in protected areas;
  • For Spigot 1.8: Added support for new fences and new fence gates.

Old Changelog:

1.8.0: Added long-distance editing, all commands that you need to be in a region to use can now be used with a region name appended to the end. "/rp info testregion" "/rp rename AwesomeName testregion" < Renames testregion to 'AwesomeName'

1.9.0: Added support for all major permission plugins through vault. ( Fixed the code internally, it's much nicer for people adding sub-plugins now. Also fixed some of the commands, /define and /redefine should be less picky now.

1.9.1: Fixed quite a few debug errors, and a few interface changes. (Thanks to GodWar101 and GodWorld) Added a simple admin wand system, define two points with the wand item and do /rp define [name] to create it.