This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Currently comprised of REG ENgine and SIEGE ENgine, this suite aims to help two very popular and opposite playstyles in Minecraft. By providing a controlled means of circumventing land protection plugins, SIEGE ENgine aims to add dynamism back to combat and raiding another player’s settlement. To circumvent protections, though, it is imperative that some protection is put back in place. REG ENgine assures that all damages done through it is properly and automatically reverted to discourage griefing. By bridging the gap between builders and raiders, the ENgine suite hopes to end a bitter arms-defense race that has been escalating for years.

Using SIEGE ENgine

SIEGE ENgine provides a means to attack enemy settlements and bypass protection plugins. There are no obtrusive commands to learn before getting started; just a simple construction pattern (built with blocks similar to golems or withers) for each type of weapon you wish to create. Permissions plugins will be able to affect which player groups are able to build and use these weapons as listed below.

Battering Rams

Battering Ram

Defaultly created by igniting an anvil that has been placed atop a cauldron. To assault a protected enemy town, simply follow this construction template to create a ram outside of the settlement's protected borders. Once the ram is placed, push it into the area and towards their walls. Right clicking the ram will allow controlled uphill or downhill travel, and the ram itself will detect when it has been pushed up against a wall. The ram will begin pummeling the wall immediately as it works to create a breach. Once enough time has elapsed without disturbance, an area of the wall will be removed.

As all damage to the terrain is done through REG ENgine, it will all be reversed after a configurable time. Regeneration of the terrain will be preceded by particle effects to warn players of suffocation hazard and messages can be configured to be sent to the imperiled as necessary. A time after the attack, the structures will be returned to their previous state leaving only the deaths and missing loot as evidence of the conflict.


  • none


  • siegeengine.use.ram - user may initiate destruction and build ramps for battering rams.
  • siegeengine.build.ram - user is able to create battering rams.
  • siegeengine.move.ram - user will be able to push battering rams.


  • REG ENgine

Developing for REG ENgine

REG ENgine has been developed separately so that third party plugins may implement it's temporary alteration methods, and so that server operators that want to use any such third party plugins need not forcibly use SIEGE ENgine alongside it!

Plugins, not players, are the direct users of this plugin. As such, there are no permission nodes or commands associated with REG ENgine.

If you are interested in developing using REG ENgine and require assistance, please comment or send a message over and we'd love to help!


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