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This plugin helps reduce the basic causes of server lag by managing and reducing the Spawn Limits and removing lag causing entities nearby. (Configurable).


  • Confguarable Settings
  • Remove causes of lag
  • Options to remove lag causing entites.
  • Commands showing causes of lag

Limiting Entity Spawning & Ticks

Instead of having animals and monsters spawning at a quick rate, we added more time and less entities being spawned to help reduce any lag.
All of these are of course in our config which you can turn back to Bukkit's default spawn limits.

Configuration Example


Configuration Settings Explained
  • WorldName - Is simply your default world you are playing on or want to take effect on.
  • LimitAnimals - This Limits the amount of Animals will be spawned over a period of time.
  • LimitMonsters - This Limits the amount of Monsters will be spawned over a period of time.
  • LimitWaterAnimals - This Limits the amount of Water Animals will be spawned over a period of time.
  • LimitAmbient - This Limits the amount of Bats/etc that will be spawned over a period of time.
  • LimitAnimalTicks - This Limits the time until a Animal can be spawned.
  • LimitMonsterTicks - This Limits the time until a Monster can be spawned.
  • RemoveNearbySquid - Squids are another lag causing entity. If set true, any player that goes a radius of about 5x5 near a squid, the squid will be removed.
  • CancelTNTNearby - If a TNT is ignited and a player is in a close radius of it, the TNT will cancel ignition because TNT Explosions could cause lag to the server and player.
  • AllowPortals - Allows/Disallows portal creations to transfer to Nether or other worlds. Teleporting to worlds could cause lag to server and player.

Commands and Permission Nodes

CommandPermission NodeAbout
/ReduceLagReduceLag.infoShows status and information about ReduceLag and your server.
/RemoveMobsReduceLag.mobsRemoves Entities in a given world.
Important Reminders

You will need to make sure you enter the correct world in the config file. If you do not, most of all the features will not work.


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