This plugin addresses a common request from people using SimpleCommandSigns. Redstone can now trigger commandsigns.


  • SimpleCommandSigns or HiddenCommandSigns can be converted into RedstoneCommandSigns.
  • RedstoneCommandSigns run command(s) upon being powered by redstone.
  • No configuration necessary.
  • Permissions (Permissions 2.x, 3.x, and Bukkit SuperPerms support)


  1. Create a simplecommandsign.
  2. Type: /rcs
  3. Left click the simplecommandsign. (First line changes from green to red)
  4. When the sign is powered, the command will run.


  • /rcs - Create a redstonecommandsign.

Permission node:

  • rcs.create: Can create a redstone command sign.

Why is this a separate plugin?:

  • Redstone is not a player. Thus permissions cannot be checked on commandsign trigger.
  • Command sequences are handled by HiddenCommandSigns.
  • SimpleCommandSigns was made to be as lightweight as possible.
  • This plugin runs in parallel to the other plugins.


  • Because the player who triggers the sign is never identified, the %p identifier that was available in SimpleCommandSigns and HiddenCommandSigns will not work.
  • Commands are run as the console. Be conscious about what command you have them run.
  • Any permissions added to a HiddenCommandSign will be completely ignored by a RedstoneCommandSign.


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