Redstone Proximity Sensor

Redstone Proximity Sensor, or RPS, is a plugin that allows your players the ability to craft and than use the RPS Torch. The RPS Torch has the ability to trigger on/off via the power of entity proximity with a ton of customization possible. You wouldn't want to give players access to a command block, I understand that, but what about the limitations of just a proximity detection? That's where RPS comes in.
  • Proximity Sensor based off entity distance
  • YML Storage
  • Permission Limiter (See below)
  • bStats Metrics
  • Update Checker
  • Native support for many protection plugins.
  • Set permissions per button so upgraded members can get more stuff!
  • Custom "triggers" via API and native support for GriefPrevention,Towny, and LegacyFactions
Default Triggers (The ones in the GUI)
Invert Power: This is like a NOT operator, it inverts whatever the status should be. If a player is within range and it should be on, if you invert the power it will be off when away and on when near.
Range: You can left click or right click to change the Range amount for the sensor. There is a config option to change the max allowed amount but I found 20 to be decent enough.
Owner Only Edit: This should be left as Default enabled because it gives protection from editing the torch by other players, although without any server protection players could break other players torches.
Owner Trigger: This trigger enabled will be looking for the owner of the torch, the one who placed it down.
Player Entities Trigger: This trigger is for all other players BESIDES the owner. If you want to trigger for the owner use the one above.
Hostile Entities Trigger: These are mobs that would fight back even when not provoked
Neutral Entities Trigger: These are mobs that would fight back only  when provoked
Peaceful Entities Trigger: These are mobs that would run away from you if you where to hit them and don't hit you at all.
Dropped Items Trigger: This would trigger for items that are on the ground. Chicken Eggs, exc.
Invisible Entities Trigger: If this is disabled the RPS will not detect invisible entities. Anything invisible will go undetected.
Vehicle Trigger: Anything according to Minecraft that is a Vehicle, including Minecarts and boats.
Projectile Trigger: Make a wall appear when someone is shooting arrows at you, its that easy with this trigger.
How To
Gui Menu (Right click torch)


  • (default: true) : Allows players to place the torch down.
  • rps.create (default: true) : Allows players to craft the torch.
  • rps.admin (default: op) : Allows user to use /rps command.
  • rps.invisible(default: op) : Makes user invisible to the RPS when using /ignorerps
  • rps.list(default: true) : Allows user to use /rpslist command
  • rps.list.player(default: op) : Allows user to use /rpslist [player] command
rps.limiter Permissions in config file
In the config.yml file you will find a node section "rps.limiter", in this section you will see something like this:
[code]&nbsp; limiter:</div> <div data-redactor="1">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; player:</div> <div data-redactor="1">&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; amount: 40</div> <div data-redactor="1">&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; default: true</div> <div data-redactor="1">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; admin:</div> <div data-redactor="1">&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; amount: -1</div> <div data-redactor="1">&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; default: op[/code]
This will create new permissions based off the names you give it. "rps.limiter.player" for example is the permission key for the first one, "rps.limiter.admin" for the other one. "default: true" is so that every starting player has the permission set to TRUE by default (duh), any limiter rank added without one will be given the default permission of OP (allowed defaults are: true, false, op, not op). The amount can be any integer, and -1 represents unlimited. If an amount is not specified it is automatically set to -1. Server OP's will always have unlimited no matter their permission level.
If there are no limiter "groups/ranks" in the config file players will be able to place unlimited sensors and a "rps.limiter.default" rank will be generated in the config file.
Note: Permissions are checked in descending order so technically you do not need to remove a smaller amount permission when adding a greater amount permission. (for people who have permission stores)
Button Permissions
Use these permissions with any permission shop plugin, or your own setup to allow upgraded members more control over their RPS torches, or just disable buttons you don't want them to be able to modify. In 2.5.0 button permissions will change, keep a look out!
rps.button_invertpower (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_range (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_ownerownlyedit (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_owneronlytrigger (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_playerentitytrigger (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_hostileentitiestrigger (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_peacefulentitiestrigger (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_droppeditemtrigger (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_vehcileentitiestrigger (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_projectileentitiestrigger (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_invisibleentitiestrigger (default: true) : Perm to use said button
rps.button_townytrigger (default: true) : Perm to use Towny Addon
rps.button_gptrigger (default: true) : Perm to use GP Addon
rps.button_lfactiontrigger (default: true) : Perm to use LegacyFactions Addon


  • /ignorerps: Having the rps.invisible permission you can toggle if you trigger the RPS or not no matter the settings.
  • /rps reload: Reloads Config and Lang file.
  • /rps give <user> [amount]: Gives user a RPS torch
  • /rps list <user>: Gives sender a print out of their (or user's) RPS locations.
  • /rpslist [user]: Gives sender a print out of their (or user's) RPS locations.
All configuration files will be generated automatically so there is no need to download these files unless you corrupted your originals.
All configuration is straight forward. The language file contains all visible text/chat/lore/item names/exc and includes support for colors.
  1. Stop server
  2. Drag the RedstoneProximitySensor jar file into your {server}/plugins/ folder
  3. Start server, let folder and files generate in {server}/plugins/RedstoneProximitySensor
  4. Modify generated files if needed. If modifying the recipe restart server, otherwise use command /rps reload.
  • Spigot v1.13 - 1.15.2
  • Java 8


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