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Version: 1.05

Bukkit: 1.5.2/1.6.2/1.6.4


Redstone Mania features wireless, customizable and instant redstone in the form of 'circuits'. How does that distinct from other plugins like Craftbook you might ask, well, instead of supplying circuitry that are built-in, you can create and save them yourself! Instead of having hundreds of XOR-circuits lined up to make that awesome door lock, you can now save this XOR-circuit and make it instant, small, and persistent.

What it basically allows you to do, is select ports in a (real-world) redstone circuit, configure some of the torches and repeaters to tweak delays, and perform the 'create' command to make a virtual version of that circuit. You can then use port signs to make instances of this circuit in the world. It doesn't stop there, as you can further use these circuits to include in other circuits. You can basically extend the redstone logic to the point you have a working microcontroller. Something that used to be the size of a house, can now be done in just a few blocks.

Additional to all this, the ports of a circuit are wireless. You can place infinite amounts of the same ports all over the server (yes, it works between worlds too!). This allows for wireless control of redstone throughout the server.

Finally, other than just toggling levers, ports can toggle (trap)doors and note blocks.


  • Set the ports of your circuit and save it as a circuit, simple as that
  • Circuit can be optimized: instant, no block changes, no server lag
  • You can make multiple of the same circuit (instances)
  • Wireless: Connect circuits cross-world or across the world
  • Very simple lever-system simulates redstone wire up to 100%
  • Possible to set ports by toggling levers manually: wireless levers
  • Nearby note blocks, doors and trapdoors are toggled as well: double-door becomes small
  • Completely freeze-protected: it is impossible for circuits to end up in an infinite loop
  • Possible to use circuits in another circuit: CircuitCeption :)
  • Control redstone circuit ports using the toggle command
  • Will never break between CraftBukkit builds unless Bukkit changes something.


How to make a circuit that adds two 1-bit values

How to make a circuit that adds two 2-bit values



A port is used to make your circuit communicate with the outside world. An XOR-gate, for example, has two 'in' ports and one 'out' port. A memory field (SNNOR-latch/Flip-flop) has only two ports, 'a' and 'b'.

To make a port, place a sign on a block with:


If the instancename is not yet taken, it is made. Otherwise this port is added to the circuit instance set. If a circuit instance is out of ports it is automatically cleaned up. For example, an XOR-gate would look like this:





You can use /redstone , /circuit and /rm to use Redstone Mania.

  • /redstone list to list all circuits, /redstone list [circuitname] to list the ports
  • /redstone port [name] to set a real-world port for your circuit (first select a block)
  • /redstone setdelay [delay] to set the delay for the element during creation (select block)
  • /redstone clickdelay [delay/disable] to set a delay that is set when clicking blocks
  • /redstone clearports to clear the selected ports
  • /redstone cleardelays to clear set delays
  • /redstone clear to clear both ports and delays
  • /redstone save [name] to save your circuit using the ports set
  • /redstone delete [name] to delete a circuit and all it's instances
  • /redstone reload to re-load all circuits (in case you changed a dependency circuit)
  • /redstone toggle [circuit] [instance] [port] ([state]) to toggle the powered state of a given circuit. State to set to is optional, toggles otherwise.

Permission for all these commands is:



Circuits are stored in the circuits sub-folder as files with a .circuit extension. These files can be safely transferred as you like. This is unique, as it allows you to share the same circuits among multiple servers


I tried to make the xor circuit in the example, but it couldn't find it?

That is right, you have to make one out of redstone first. The video on this page shows how to do just that. (at the very end) I didn't include those so people could get used to the circuit creation mechanisms.

The server is complaining about missing circuits. What do I do?

Remove remaining instance files of this circuit in the instances sub-folder. It could be an user deleted a circuit but the instances didn't get deleted...for whatever reason.

I tried to make my circuit instant, but it doesn't do anything

Check if there are no infinite loops going on in your circuit. If such a loop is happening, the plugin will step in at some point and stop it. If you want a loop in your circuit, give it the minimal clock rate of one tick.


Go to the BKCommonLib Dev-bukkit page


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