redProtect is an area protection mod made for users. No longer do you need to have an admin worldguard a region for you. The user can take care of themselves now.


  • Set a maximum amount of area players can define.
  • Select what material you want used, (fence or redstone currently).
  • Permission nodes to build in any region, or use commands in any region. Great for admins.
  • Very easy to understand, surround your house with redstone, stick a sign with [rp], name your region, and you're done. Great for younger players.
  • Automatically detecting info command, users will be shown all available commands.
  • Automatic backups, and save. Even if your server crashes, people will retain their protections. You can delete chunks out of the data file and it will still load a backup.
  • Two current file formats, oos & oosgz.
  • Protects from sky to bedrock.
  • Changeable maximum-area via 'options' in PEX & bPermissions. See Maximum Area Config.
  • Open source license. Source is available through github. (Link)

Upcoming features

  • Json, Yaml, and MySQL support.
  • Additional material types.
  • Possibly pooling maximum area to create towns.

Installation Tutorial

  1. Download a build from the 'downloads' page. files
  2. Start your server once, then shut it off.
  3. Open "/plugins/redProtect/Config.txt" Edit it to your will.
  4. Open "/plugins/redProtect/Flags.txt" Make which flags you want on or off by default.
  5. Add permission nodes from Permission Nodes to your permissions file.
  6. Optionally set 'maxregionsize' per group, bPermissions' is 'metadata', and PermissionsEX's is 'options: '.

Use Tutorial

  1. Using redProtect is as simple as reading "/rp tutorial" and following the steps.

Notable commands

  • "/rp i" - Shows information about the current region you're standing in
  • "/rp ?" - Shows all available commands to you
  • "/rp tutorial" - Gives you a brief tutorial on how to use redProtect.
  • "/rp flag info" - Gives you information about the flags your region.

Video tutorial


  • You can download the main .jar from the 'Files' section. files


  • 1.8.0: Added long-distance editing, all commands that you need to be in a region to use can now be used with a region name appended to the end. "/rp info testregion" "/rp rename AwesomeName testregion" < Renames testregion to 'AwesomeName'
  • 1.9.0: Added support for all major permission plugins through vault. ( Fixed the code internally, it's much nicer for people adding sub-plugins now. Also fixed some of the commands, /define and /redefine should be less picky now.
  • 1.9.1: Fixed quite a few debug errors, and a few interface changes. (Thanks to GodWar101 and GodWorld)

Added a simple admin wand system, define two points with the wand item and do /rp define [name] to create it.

Closing notes

This plugin uses complicated algorithms such as bounding rectangles and point-in-polygon technology for maximum performance. Feel free to edit, but re-publishing any of my code as a jar will not be tolerated.


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