RedHat is my first released plugin for bukkitdev. It does what you would probably suspect, allows players to wear blocks/items on their heads.

It is fully configurable, with permissions and limiting what items users can have as hats.


/hat hand : places the item in your hand on your head.

/hat item <itemid> : makes the item specified by the id given your hat. (practically allows for the spawning of items, be careful who you give this to)

/hat reload : reloads RedHat's config (used to apply changes made to the config. It is the only command usable from the console) .

/hat help : Displays help for any RedHat commands (that the player has permission for)

/hat listblocked : Gives a player a list of all blocked items. If the player has the RedHat.ignoreRestriction permission, it gives him a note that those restrictions don't apply to him.

/hat remove : A player who issues this command has his hat removed. This is useful for players in creative mode.

/hat other : Allows you to remove a player's hat or give a player a hat.

Whenever a user uses a hat command, if he already has a hat, it will be placed into blank space in his inventory, and if there is none, dropped on the ground.

All commands are by permission and default to op.


RedHat.* : Any player with this permission has access to the "/hat hand", "/hat item <itemID>" , and "/hat reload" commands, and is allowed to bypass restrictions set in the config.

RedHat.use : Any player with this permission has access to the "/hat hand" and "/hat item <itemID>" commands, but cannot bypass restrictions.

RedHat.ignoreRestrictions : Allows the player to bypass the restrictions in the config.

RedHat.hand : Allows the player to use the "/hat hand" command.

RedHat.item : Allows the player to use the "/hat item" command.

RedHat.admin : Allows the player to use the "/hat reload" command.

RedHat.list : Allows the player to use the "/hat listBlocked" command.

RedHat.other.give: Allows the player to use the "/hat other <username> <itemID>" command to give a player a hat.

RedHat.other.remove: Allows the player to use the "/hat other <username> remove" command to remove a player's hat.

RedHat.remove: Allows the player to remove his own hat with the "/hat remove" command.


As of right now, there is only one option in the configuration, called "blocked-items." It is a list, where you put the itemIDs of the items users cannot have as hats. Players with the "RedHat.ignoreRestrictions" permission can ignore this list. For example, if you wanted to disallow users to have diamonds, bedrock, and saplings as hats, the section would look like:

  - 264
  - 7
  - 6

Please note that if you make any changes while the server is running, you will have to use /hat reload to put them in effect.

Planned Features:

  • Sign support for hats
  • Allow administrators to remove players's hats/set hats for a player (Done as of version 1.2)
  • In-Game config manipulation.


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