Recount Lite

Quite interesting plugin to have in pvp servers (survival to :) ). This one will show all data about your life before death! Its like flash back of your life in slow motion! But seriously, it will show all healing done for you, all damage and from ho.

This is Lite version of full one.
Full version have Full Locale, you can set how long to track data (lite version only 15 sec). Possibility to see actual weapon stats when you hovering over it:

Java 8
Newest Bukkit
Permission plugin (GroupManager or PermisionsEx)

- Lightweight - Do not use any file system, doing stuff when its needed, no schedulers!
- Shows every different damage you got
- Shows total damage for every source
- Shows time frame from first and last hits
- Shows killer (marked with skull) his damage to you and over kill (actual damage you got, but it was more than you got left hearts)
- Shows killers used items to kill you
- Shows all possible heals

/recount /rec - Shows collected data from last x seconds (seconds are configurable in config file)
Permision: recount.otherdata
/recount [nicname] /rec [nicname]- Shows other peps damage stats
Shows recount after death automatically if its enabled in config
Permision: recount.admin
/recount reload /rec reload - Reloads config file


  • Drag and Drop jar into your plugins folder
  • Start server for default files to be created
  • Edit by your choice and enjoy :)


  • Crit hits? (I don't think its possible, because there is no actual event for this.. but well...)
  • Any ideas from you? :)

Known caveats:
Total heal and Total damage in some case can be off by 1 or more, its because of damage some times coming in like 1.25546584452156 numbers , and all this will be rounded to like 1.25


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