[ECON/ADMN] rEconomy 1.1 - Easy, fun and API enabled economy plugin. [1060]


Version: 1.1

A leightweight economy system, allowing simple /buy, /sell, /money commands with permissions.. Got a api, for setting players economy, getting it and more. It supports a simple motd, with colours and can be set in config.properties. If a player has reconomy.motd in permissions he will get motd

To allow your application work with rEconomy, you got to add rEconomy as a reference to your project. If you worked with bukkit before, you know how to do this.


  • 1.1 - Fixing bugs
  • 1.0 - Public release!

About commands

  • /money - Allows player to check credit. - reconomy.money.own
  • /money [Someone] - Checks that players credit - reconomy.money.others
  • /pay [User] [Cash] - Pays user cash - reconomy.pay
  • /buy [Material] <Amount> - Allows user to buy Amount of Material if player can afford that. - reconomy.buy
  • /sell <Material> - Allows user to sell the hand, or Material. - reconomy.sell
  • /reco config - Shows rEconomys config - reconomy.admin
  • /reco reload - Reloads rEconomys config - reconomy.admin
  • /reco give [User] [Cash] - Gives user cash - reconomy.admin
  • /reco take [User] [Cash] - Takes cash from user - reconomy.admin
  • /reco set [User] [Cash] - Sets users cash to cash - reconomy.admin

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rQeGVO4nfQ

To set cost, simply go to cost.properties and edit items cost. like COBBLESTONE=100 A simple and wierd default cost comes at start, made by sweden98


VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QjOTpEiAEs

There is also signs, that require reconomy.sign.buy.create or reconomy.sign.money.create. To use signs, you need to have reconomy.sign.buy.use or reconomy.sign.money.use


Purchase sign setup: Since this is early release, i dont recommend you change your currency. You simply make a sign with [Purchase] as tag. second line is material. it can be item or name, but will turn into the material name as soon as placed. third line is cost. Just type the cost, nothing else. 4th line is amount. i think you get it now.

You can change sign colors later in color.properties, and the signs color will update when used.


To setup the api in a class:

import com.redpois0n.rEconomy.API.rEconomy;
public class myplugin extends rEconomy {
	public void doSomething() {
                Player p = bukkit.getServer().getPlayer("redpois0n");
                Integer cash = 100;
		if (canAfford(p, 100) { //if redpois0n have 100 or less
                           System.out.println(p.getName() + " can buy something for 100 or less.");
                           setPlayerCredit(p, 100); //sets redpois0ns credit to 100
                } else {
                            System.out.println(p.getName() + " cant buy something for 100 or less.");
                            reload(); //reloads rEconomy config

you can make plugins using rEconomy API! Like if a players kills mobs, they get cash in rEconomy


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