Recipe Finder


The lightweight recipe lookup and display plugin.

Ever forgotten the recipe for an item?

Now, with Recipe Finder, you can find the recipe of an item with as little effort as a single command!

Current Features:

  • /recipe <item name> will display the recipes for all items that match the given item name.
  • /recipe on its own will display the recipes of the item in your hand.
  • Multiple recipes will be scrolled through one by one.
  • Clicking an item in a recipe will display the recipes of said item.
  • Smelting recipes are also supported.
  • Names are matched in such a way that commands such as /recipe chestplate will display the recipes for all types of chestplate.
  • The plugin hooks into the Bukkit/Spigot API, and hence is lightweight, fast and scalable.
  • Any recipe registered on the server through the API should be visible to the plugin.
  • Threading ensures that multiple users can access the recipe list simultaneously.
  • Recipes for coloured wool and dyes also supported!
  • Multiple languages and renaming of items is now fully supported!
  • Memory efficient option available at the expense of name-familiarity

Recipe Finder Interface

The interface starting from the command /recipe door


Command Description
/recipe <item name> Displays the recipes associated with the item with the given name.
/recipe Displays the recipes associated with the item in your hand.
/recipereload Reloads the plugin from config.


  • recipe.lookup: gives access to /recipe.
  • recipe.reload: gives access to /recipereload.


When you first start up the server with the plugin installed, a new folder will be generated in your 'plugins' directory that is called 'RecipeFinder'. Inside this folder you will find a file called 'config.yml'. This file is used to configure the Recipe Finder plugin. Inside the file you will see the following options:

Option Meaning Default Value
languages enabled: This option should only be used for server admins who have critical memory/performance requirements. This will disable the ability to rename items as well as change the language of the plugin. The name of the items in the lookup will default to the given API names, which can sometimes be obscure such as 'lightstone' and 'cloth leggings', however the plugin will not spend time parsing language files or store translations in memory. This option when set to false is more time and memory efficient therefore, at the cost of usability. true
language file: This refers to the language file, located inside the 'RecipeFinder/lang' directory, that you wish to use for translations or renaming of lookup names en_US.default.lang

If you wish to change the language of the plugin, or simply rename an item, create a copy of the file called 'en_US.default.lang' inside the 'RecipeFinder/lang' directory (or paste in your own) and change the names of the items to whatever values you see fit. Note that many of the options contained in the lang file are redundant, you are looking for entries only beginning in tile. or item.. Once you have done this, go into 'RecipeFinder/config.yml and change the language file: option to be the name of your new language file.

If your server is still running whilst you change the language file, you can use the /recipereload command to reload the config and update the plugin to reflect the changes that you just made.


The default en_US.default.lang file is maintained by the plugin and kept up to date, this means that if an update for the default language file is found the plugin will replace the en_US.default.lang file, meaning any changes you made to that file will be removed. It is therefore important that when changing the names of items, or changing the language entirely, that you use a language file name other than en_US.default.lang!

If you run into any issues with your config file or default language file, simply delete them and run /recipereload and the plugin will generate the default files for you.


Although not tested with older versions of Craftbukkit/Spigot, newest versions of the plugin should be compatible with any version of Craftbukkit/Spigot, including 1.7*, 1.8.* as well as 1.9.* If you have any compatibility issues please let me know, and I can rectify this for you.

Features to hopefully be implemented in the future:

  • Potion recipes.
  • Firework recipes.

Source code:

  • The source code for the project is available here for anyone interested.


Comments and suggestions for improvements are always welcome!

Also check out my server, at!


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