Recipe Creator

Recipe Creator

Works in 1.7.2

This plugin will give you complete control over Bukkit's Recipe system. With it you can create, edit and remove recipes from the server (Including default recipes) directly in game!

All you need to do, is download the ".jar" file, put it in your plugins directory, and start your server! The first time you run the plugin it will generate all the recipe files for the system, and then put itself in place of the default recipe system :)

Donations help a lot, they pay for some of my expenses, giving me the ability to take some time off work and put more time into the project. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Sharing this plugin will spread the word, and help me build a stronger user base for the plugin. So please, share it around! And thank you!


  • I have had such an overwhelming amount of requests. Ohmahgoodness. Thank you you guys :). Please keep in mind that I am the only developer on this project. I will be doing my best to meet each of these requests to the best of my ability, In due time. Please, keep adding more! I will try my best to keep up to date with them, and keep this project as 'user developed' as possible :). Thank you again. If you would like faster development, and more updates, please send a donation to further the development process :). You can find the donate link above.
  • This plugin is currently written solely to manipulate bukkits recipe system, and not other systems recipe enhancements. That will be a future add on, however, I am currently working alone trying to fix all of the current issues, and add needed things. Integration with other plugins recipe enhancements has taken a back seat until I resolve all other issues with the plugin. It shouldn't be long before I start integrating it. I apologize for the delay :3
  • I am currently working on implementing a fully visual user interface for this plugin. It should be available in the next update. In this update, all recipes will be edited, viewed, and created using a crafting table environment. :)


  • Version 2.0 is soon coming. On top of fixing all of the issues in previous versions, it incorporates a new method of recipe creation / editing and a new feature to view a live example of a recipe. This version is taking long to update due to many bugs that already needed to be fixed, on top of new ones. I assure you I am working on it, and it should be out soon. This plugin is far from dead, it's just taking a while to get the stable update working. I have a few incomplete builds with pieces missing, that are functional, but not ready to be released. And this new recipe handling system is not the only new feature. 2.0 will also have Economy handling for putting a price on recipes, as well as a full system re-write on the main plugin, which fixed a lot of the bugs.

    If you'd like a preview of the system in version 2.0, you can take a look here: Recipe Creator 2.0 Preview

Video Tutorial

Adding A Recipe

The first thing you're going to need to know about adding a recipe, is how to use the Recipe Construction Zones in your inventory.

Red - Shaped Recipe Construction Zone
Blue - Shapeless Recipe Construction Zone
Green - Recipe Result Zone

To create a shaped recipe (Only craftable in a Crafting Table, and must follow a specific pattern), Construct the recipes shape within the Shaped Recipe Construction Zone, and put the output for the recipe in the Recipe Result Zone. Next, Close your inventory and type in

/recipe add shaped

The system will create the Shaped Recipe, Assign it a new Recipe-Id, and reload the server's recipes. You can now test it out on the server :). Alternately, to create a shapeless recipe, repeate the process using the Shapeless Recipe Construction Zone instead, and the command /recipe add shapeless

Recipe Control

There are several way's in which you can control recipes. First, I will explain the /recipe lookup and /recipe info commands. To explain these commands, We will go through the process of removing a recipe from the server.

First, What's the recipe's Recipe-Id?.. To find this, we need to know the item we want to find the recipe for. For example, If you want to find the Item-Id's for all recipe's that output Iron Ore, You would do

/recipe lookup iron_ore

It will output all of the Recipe Id's assigned to Iron Ore. Now, You can get detailed information on each of those recipes by doing,

/recipe info <recipe-id>

Once you assure it's the right recipe (By checking the information from /recipe info) You can remove it by doing

/recipe remove <recipe-id>

After it reloads the recipes, the recipe will be removed from the server :)

Commands / Permissions

  • /recipe add [shaped/shapeless]
  1. Adds a recipe to the game
  2. Permission associated with: recipecreator.add.shaped / recipecreator.add.shapeless
  3. Information: Defaults to Shaped
  • /recipe remove
  1. Removes a recipe from the system
  2. Permission associated with: recipecreator.remove
  • /recipe info <recipe-id>
  1. Retrieves detailed information about the recipe
  2. Permission associated with:
  • /recipe lookup <ITEM_NAME>
  1. Retrieves all recipe's associated with the specified item
  2. Permission associated with: recipecreator.lookup
  • /recipe permissions <enable / disable>
  1. Enables or disables crafting recipe permissions on the server
  2. Permission associated with: recipecreator.permissioncontrol
  • /recipe reload
  1. Reloads all of the recipes for the server (In case of an issue with recipe-id's)
  2. Permission associated with: recipecreator.reload
  • /recipe reset
  1. Resets all recipes for the server to default bukkit recipes
  2. Permission associated with: recipecreator.reset
  • /recipe help
  1. Displays command help for commands that the player has permission to use

Other Permissions

  1.* - Access to all recipes while permissions are enabled

Crafting Permissions

Along side the other plugin permissions, Each recipe has it's own permission. An example would be

You can find a recipes permission by doing /recipe info <recipe-id>.

These permissions can be enabled or disabled using /recipe permissions <enable/disable>





  1. Fixed Furnace Recipes
  2. Removed unnessecary Shape information
  3. Modified /recipe info command
  4. Recipes updated to Increment 5 (Each time the recipe increment is updated, all custom recipes will be removed upon first load)

Older Versions

If you're looking for an older version of Recipe Creator, You can find it Here

To Do

  1. Fix Enchanted Books
  2. Add Penalty / Reward control for recipes
  3. Decrease recipe load time
  4. Possible sql implimentation

Source Code


(Old Versions Source Code)

Thanks to PoopYou for getting me started with plugin coding!


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