Define item drops in some areas, but not in others? #9

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  • _ForgeUser4846323 created this issue Mar 19, 2012

    Ever since 1.2 was released, I've been working on multiplayer dungeons where players fight monsters, solve puzzles and eventually get a reward at the end.

    As well as being able to rebuild chests/furnaces & dispensers as mentioned in my previous ticket, it would be really really great to be able to specify item drops in specific rebuild areas with some sort of flag/permissions system.

    This would mean I could keep item drops off in the spleef arena, but turn them on for, say, a huge diamond node reward at the end of a dungeon that players can mine out (and will be reset when they leave the room).

    TLDR; A very useful feature would be to be able to activate item drops for some rebuild regions (dungeon rewards), but leave them off for others (spleef).

    Either way, this plugin is incredibly powerful on my server and I'm really glad you guys are working on it!

  • _ForgeUser4846323 added the tags New Enhancment Mar 19, 2012

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