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Please read CHANGELOG, TICKETS, ROADMAP AND ALL PAGES THERE before you tell me bugs or ask me new features please : it may be already here ! This is a very simple-to-use teleportation gates system, that permit to freely create and link teleportation gates.


  • Create/delete/link/loop teleportation gates using commands like EpicGates or WarpGates
  • This plugin was made as EpicGates 0.3 and old unmaintained WarpGate plugins have some bugs that are not quickly removed
  • Teleporters are created on a single block. If you want dual-or-more-blocks téléporters to work, you will need to create several teleporters
  • Work with thousands teleporters without making your server lag

How users do use it

  • Build your gate first. It can have any form, but you should consider make it look like a teleportation gate
  • Place yourself at the location and direction the player will come here when teleported (and will be teleported from)
  • Type this command : /rtel create nameofthegate (replace nameofthegate with an unique gate identifier)
  • Create the destination gate, the same way (we will call it nameofthegate2)
  • Then link the two gates : /rtel link nameofthegate nameofthegate2 and then for players to come back /rtel link nameofthegate2 nameofthegate
  • Or, more quickly, "loop" the two gates with only one command like this : /rtel loop nameofthegate nameofthegate2
  • Then place yourself into the gate place to be teleported to the other gate, to check that everything is ok

Download, install and documentation links

All commands

  • /rtel create <gate1> to create a gate where the player is
  • /rtel remove <gate1> to remove a gate where the player is
  • /rtel link <gate1> <gate2> to link gate1 to gate2
  • /rtel help to list all available commands
  • /rtel loop <gate1> <gate2> to link gate1 to gate2 and gate2 to gate1
  • /rtel unlink <gate1> to unlink gate1 to its target gate
  • /rtel unloop <gate1> to unlink gate1 to its target gate and all gates to gate1
  • /rtel list to list all available gates
  • /rtel orphan to list all gates that have no source nor target
  • /rtel tp <gate> to manually teleport to a given gate
  • /rtel trans <gate> to manually make a translation teleport from gate to its target
  • /rtel withouttarget to list all gates that have no target
  • /rtel withoutsource to list all gates that have no source
  • /rtel nearest to list nearest gates from you


Only if permissionPlugin is "bukkit" into your config.txt :
- realteleporter.teleport : player can teleport (teleportation gates wont work without this permission!)
- realteleporter.teleport.showgatename : display gate name when teleport
Each command has it's permission : realteleporter.create, realteleporter.remove,,, realteleporter.loop, realteleporter.unlink, realteleporter.unloop, realteleporter.list, realteleporter.orphan, realteleporter.withouttarget, realteleporter.withoutsource, realteleporter.nearest,, realteleporter.trans

Known issues


New version : now works with permissions, and translation files ! Open config.txt and change options to get them. You should look at the changelog linked to the last download file.

Road Map - TODO

  • Keep this simple, easy and working
  • Perhaps someday detect the block id under the player, and create the gate as large as the number of blocks with the same id (create 2-4-n-blocks gate)

Source on GitHub


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