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Assigned to _ForgeUser6853397
  • _ForgeUser6853397 created this issue Dec 19, 2011


        Amazing plugin! It runs perfectly when accompanied by ChunkLoad. However, could you add a confirmation popup?
        ie: someone unintentionally runs onto the pad, and gets a message in the text box, saying:
        "Do you wish to Teleport? if yes type, yes. if no, type, no.
        Could it also be configurable in game, as in i select a teleport, and use /rtel confirm on OR /rtel confirm true
        EDIT: OK, i think this would only work if permissions were set-up. Maybe it could work without?

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  • _ForgeUser6853397 posted a comment Oct 12, 2012

    Do you still need this ?
    I was lazy and did nothing :)

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