Real Stock Market

Tired of fake stocks and predictable stock markets on your server? Use in-game money to buy and sell real-world stocks!


Features Overview

  • View latest prices for any real-world US stock. Ex: /sm view AAPL
  • Every command supports multiple symbols at once! Ex: /sm view AAPL,GOOG
  • Drop-in installation, no configuration!
  • Uses sqlite database to track purchase and sale transactions

Note: This plugin connects to a finance website/API to obtain required pricing information for stocks. All API calls are done on an async thread so if there's a delay or network problem, we're not going to affect performance of your server. No information about your server is transmitted aside from the IP the request comes from. View/buy/sell actions may not be possible if the API become unavailable.


  • Throw the latest .jar into your plugins directory.
  • Start your server once to generate config/database.

Grant permissions if you wish, but the defaults are designed responsibly.

Permissions / Commands

For everyone

  • realstockmarket.view - /sm view (symbols) - View latest prices of stock symbols
  • - /sm buy (symbols) (quantity) - View latest prices of stock symbols
  • realstockmarket.portfolio.others - /sm portfolio (player) - View another player's portfolio


Get Help

IRC: #prism



This plugin was custom designed by viveleroi for the amazing Minecraft server.


  • viveleroi (Creator, Lead Developer)

Donate to Vive

alt text

I'm viveleroi, author of RealStockMarket and other plugins like Prism, Oracle, Darmok, Craftys, DarkMythos, InventoryToolkit, and more. There's no pay in making plugins but it's rewarding knowing you all use them - so please help bridge the gap and donate to cover my own time and money investment.

So please, make a donation and make it easier for me to continue with these amazing plugins.


This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which, if enabled, anonymously tracks the following about your server at A unique identifier, server java version, online mode, plugin & server versions, OS version/name and architecture, cpu core count, player counts.

This information is used purely to help inform our technical decisions and boost our egos with how many people are enjoying our work.

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

Development Builds

We offer access to development builds through our Jenkins server. Use these only if you're comfortable using development builds. These have not yet been reviewed by Bukkit staff but are what we'll include in our next release submission.


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