RealShop - Simple chest-shopping system

This is a very simple to use shop system. Your shop works almost exactly as a chest does !

  • click a chest and create the shop with a single /rs create (or /rs c) command
  • put the items you want to sale into your shop-chest
  • clients can buy your items from the chest, getting them as easy as from a standard chest
  • add a lot of options to your shops : infinite buy or sell, choose items that can be sold or bought, etc.

This is compatible with Minecraft 1.7.2

You only need to upgrade RealPlugin to the latest.

Disclaimer notice

Some new features about the mouse in Minecraft may enable your players to buy/sell things for free with RealShop. I will work on it and check everything soon, but with current version of Minecraft they will probably try to cheat. Please be patient, and don't forget to report any bug to me here using tickets.

Installation and Download

To install it : simply download RealPlugin.jar, (Vault.jar or Register.jar) and RealShop2.jar into your plugins directory.


When you already installed RealPlugin once, it's easy for ops to use these commands to download an updated version of RealPlugin and RealShop :

  • /rp dl RealPlugin
  • /rp dl RealShop2 (complete command : /realplugin download <RealPluginName>)

Migrate from v0.x to v2.x

Latest news

Today I tried to kill a maximum of tickets to get this plugin cleaner and better. Hope this will help !

Look at the last file's changelog to get the last information about this plugin.

Here is the old changelog (not maintained anymore)


  • Transform your chests into shop (/rshop commands, or /rs shortcuts)
  • Players can buy / sell items without having to type any chat /command, simply as if they use any other chest
  • NEW IN V2 : real-time transactions when the player clicks into a chest's slot : grief-free feature
  • built-in economy feature (standalone /mny commands), or Vault / Register links to your favorite economy plugin
  • (no more supported in V2) Optional market prices daily auto-calculation
  • Different prices for purchases / sales and for different merchants
  • Supports multi-worlds
  • Supports big chests
  • Supports items variants (ie damage codes, wools colors)
  • Supports permissions plugins (Permissions, native Bukkit permissions or minecraft's op / player)
  • Now support potions and enchanted items
  • Multi-language support (add yours !)


Help, Bug reports and Support

  • Here is the full changelog
  • Before all : first search the FAQ for the question you have
  • Please do not report bugs or wishes if they have already been posted into the tickets list ! Read comments on already solved / answerd problems first.
  • Do not use the forum thread to report bugs or ask new features : I can't read it all ! But you can use it to talk each other and to get help (not from the developper thus)
  • Source repository at gihub, this is public domain, feel free to do or suggest anything


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