RealMotd is advanced MOTD plugin. It offers you big amount of variables to use in MOTD, different MOTD every day, permission checking in motd and colors in MOTD.

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  • Many many variables to use in MOTD
  • Colorful MOTD
  • Also /motd
  • Group-specific MOTD
  • World-specific MOTD
  • 3 Modes: Single(only one MOTD within selected context), Daily(some days have special messages), Random(everytime player logs in choose something else)
  • Checking whether player has permission in MOTD.
  • Itallics,Bold,Underline, Strike & Rainbow!


This plugin offers you big amount of variables, so here you go!(please let me know if I forgot something)

  • %player% - Name of player who has joined
  • %nick% - Name of player who has joined. This may be colorful, contain prefix & suffix. Also, it's changeable.
  • %world% - Name of world player has joined to
  • %time% - Time in player's world.(0-24000)
  • %weather% - Weather in world (rain or clear)
  • %ip% - Player's IP
  • %playerlist% - Online players
  • %d% - Day of month in real life
  • %mo% - Month
  • %yr% - Year
  • %h% - Hour
  • %mi% - Minute
  • %s% - Second
  • %exp% - Experience
  • %lev% - Level
  • %totalexp% - Total experience
  • %food% - Player's food level
  • %x% - Player's X coordinate
  • %y% - Player's Y coordinate
  • %z% - Player's Z coordinate
  • %op% - Whether the player is an OP
  • %mode% - Game mode of the player
  • ^example.example - Checks whether the player has permission example.example . The character ^ can be changed to something else.
  • /n - New line in MOTD.
  • %whitelist% - Whitelisted players
  • %banlist% - Banned players
  • %timestat% - Status of time (day | night)
  • %allowednether% - Whether there is a nether enabled on this server (true | false)
  • %allowflight% - Whether there is flight allowed (true | false)
  • %serverip% - IP address of the server
  • %serverport% - Port the server is listening on
  • %serverid% - ID of the server (random number used for authentification)
  • %env% - Environment type of the world where player is
  • %nplayersonline% - Online players count
  • %nmaxplayers% - Maximal count of players on the server
  • %ptime% - Player's time (may be different from world's time)
  • %ptimestat% - Same as timestat, but with player's time
  • %worlds% - Worlds which this server is currently running
  • %plugins% - Plugins running on this server
  • %day% - Minecraft day


Commands can be used to set MOTD in-game. It's good for quick changing, but you're limited to 80 chars. Use /motd set <motd> to set default motd and /motd set <month> <day> <motd> to set a day-specific motd. While setting motd in-game, use /n for newline and colors stay the same.


This plugin generates configuration file after its first run.

Configuration Nodes - Translation for weather clear - Translation for raining
transl.mode.creative - Translation for creative mode
transl.mode.survival - Translation for survival mode - Translation for OP
transl.op.isnt - Translation for regular player
transl.permission.has - Translation for has permission
transl.permission.hasnt - Translation for hasn't permission - Translation for day
transl.time.night - Translation for night
transl.env.nether - Translation for nether - Translation for skylands
transl.env.normal - Translation for regular world
transl.flight.allowed - Translation for flight allowed
transl.flight.denied - Translation for flight denied
permission - The character which identifies, that the text next to it is permission verification
motd.mode - Mode of motd. Must be one of these: Daily, Random, Single

Setting up MOTD

Setting up motd is very easy. Go to <your server's folder>/plugins/RealMotd where you find folder "messages".

  • Daily mode - Different MOTD for special days. You need to create a new text file called: motd_[month]_[day].txt ,where you write your motd. For example, for 26th September, it'd be "motd_9_26.txt". You don't need to create MOTD files for every day. Only for those special ones. If RealMotd can't find such-named file, it displays the default file.
  • Random mode - Random mode each time user logs in You need to create how much of txt files you like. Files don't even have to end with .TXT. This mode chooses random file from messages directory as MOTD.
  • Single mode - One MOTD forever. Always chooses motd.txt from folder messages.

If you're confused, look at the example configuration file below

Example configuration file Clear Raining
transl.mode.creative: Creative
transl.mode.survival: Survival Operator
transl.op.isnt: Player
transl.permission.has: can
transl.permission.hasnt: can't
permission: ^ Day
transl.time.night: Night
transl.env.nether: Nether Skylands
transl.env.normal: Overworld
transl.flight.allowed: can
transl.flight.denied: can't
mode: single

How do I use the configuration file like that???

There are lots of options how to make MOTD as you wish. This example configuration file can be used as following: [plugins/RealMotd/messages/motd.txt]

Hello %op% %player%!
You ^can.mine mine blocks and ^ build.
You ^ fly.
Time of server is %time%. That's %timestat%.
It's %weather%.

Look at the result MOTD. I've attached two of them, so you can see which parts of MOTD are changing. The result MOTD for code like that would look like this:

Hello Player Tomsik68!
You can't mine blocks and can't build.
You can't fly.
Time of server is 13536. That's night.
It's Clear.

or this:

Hello Operator Tomsik68!
You can mine blocks and can build.
You can fly.
Time of server is 1353. That's day.
It's Raining.


There are more ways of using colors in RealMotd. You can choose which one you want to use using configuration file. For more information about colors, please look here.

If you need more complex MOTD example even with formatting and colors, go here


So you don't have enough? RealMotd API is big, so there are some plugins that are using it. Here's a list of such plugins:

  • RealMotd-Messages - Implementation of Join & Leave message using RealMotd variables, colors & formatting!
  • RealMotd-ServerList - Server list message(a.k.a. MOTD) using RealMotd power!


  • Import groups from permission plugins

Developers' API

It's available at

This help is not complete

As this plugin is very customisable, you can try to figure out some trick with configuration, variables or colors. And if you don't know how to do something with this plugin, send me a PM, or email me at [email protected] . I like to help! Thanks and Enjoy!

Have a problem? Take a ticket!

If you wanna submit a bug, please take a ticket, so we avoid comments section mess ;)

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If you wish to contact author somewhere else, you can do so on:


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