What does it do?

Plain and simple, it replaces conventional chat-based mailing systems with something real, books and mailboxes.
I'm really glad to finally get this plugin updated and I hope everyone else will be just as excited as I am.


  • Physical mailboxes using Dinnerbone's playerhead snapshots
  • 4 custom-made mailbox textures and more to come
  • Attachments
  • No need to ever run a single command (ignore command heading just a little below...)

How does it work?

  1. Craft a mailbox. The recipe is like an iron helmet in the lower-half with a chest in the center of the helmet and a piece of wool in the top-right.
  2. Craft some stationery. The recipe is shapless, just a feather and a piece of paper. If the server enables it, you can also use /mail new to spawn in some free stationery.
  3. Write a letter on the stationery. Stationery is just a cheap Book and Quill that cannot be traded with villagers. If the first line is in the format of [Subject:my subject] , the letter's name will include the subject after being signed.
  4. Attach an item to the stationery if you like. Just click the item you want to attach in your inventory and click the stationery with it. If you want to take it back off, click the stationery and right-click any empty slot.
  5. Sign the book with the recipient's name.
  6. Right-click any mailbox with that signed stationery (now a letter or package depending on if you attached items).
  7. The recipient will then receive the letter/package in his/her mailbox either immediately or at the time of day specified in the config. Please note that only the owner of a mailbox can open his/her own mailbox unless the other player is an op, has the correct permissions to bypass the lock, or the lock_mailboxes option in the config is changed to false. Also, breaking the mailbox will not drop the letters it holds; it acts like more of an enderchest for letters.
  8. The recipient can then read the letter and detach the contents if there are any.
*If the recipient's mailbox is full, the book won't be sent and the sender will be notified.
*Attachments are pretty buggy in creative, so I recommend going survival when detaching items.








  • /mail [page-number] - explains how to use RealMail
  • /mail version - displays RealMail version
  • /mail new - give the player one free stationery if enabled in config
  • /mail send - (default:op) send a letter from anywhere without a mailbox
  • /mail bulksend - (default:op) send a letter to everyone who has logged on since installing RealMail
  • /mail spawn <mailbox|stationery> - (default:op) spawn in a mailbox or some stationery quickly
  • /mail open [player] - (default:op) open your mailbox or another player's


  • Flags go up on mailboxes when unread*
  • Economy support*
  • More built-in mailbox textures*
  • Bulk Mailing to specific groups
  • Letter delivery queue to deliver mail every Minecraft morning or another configurable time
  • Support for custom mailbox textures
  • Blacklist for attaching items
  • More letter tags and simpler subject tag
  • Offline mode config option*

Want to suggest some more features or submit some bugs? Here's a link to my issue tracker. While I'll try to respond to as many comments as I can, my issue tracker doesn't forget whereas I can.


All permission nodes are listed on a separate page.


Configuration options are listed on a separate page.

Language Support

All language files are listed on a separate page.


v0.3.2 - 11/7/15
v0.3.1 - 11/5/15
v0.3.0 - 4/25/15
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v0.3.2 - 11/7/15
*Fixed issue #5: now checks if recipient exists on signing
*Fixed issue #6: mail.mailboxPlaced language node corrected
*Fixed issue #2: can now send mail through any mailbox when universal

v0.3.1 - 11/5/15
*Issue #3: Misspelling of stationery fixed
*Issue #4: References to admin commands without perms fixed

v0.3.0 - 4/25/15
*Fixed compatibility issue with CommandBook which broke exchanging recipes for mailboxes, found with the help of doitliketyler

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As you can see from the statistics above, this plugin sends statistical information to To disable this, change the line opt-out: false to opt-out: true in the config.yml inside the PluginMetrics folder in your plugins folder. Get!&t=Real letters in RealMail


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